So, you’ve decided to go it alone. But that dream of working a few hours a day from a remote beach in Bali hasn’t quite become the reality you expected - or deserve.

Instead, your morning routine is all out of whack, your bedroom has become your new office space, there are pens and post-its mixed up with your unmentionables and mugs of half-drunk coffee are dotted all over the place. It’s clear you need to get out of the house and network, but where do you even begin?

Fortunately, Brighton just so happens to be one of the best cities in the country for freelancers, with only Manchester beating the city to the top spot in a study by Money Supermarket. The culture is so prominent across the city that there are dozens of independent cafes custom built for welcoming those living the freelance life.

We’ve compiled a list of the best, based on WiFi availability, plug sockets and quality coffee. With these cafes, one no longer has to be the loneliest number.

True to its name, this super chic cafe in Brighton Square is full of plants, creating a relaxing environment perfect for working. There’s also a delicious brunch menu, should you get hungry, a generous selection of snacks and perhaps the friendliest staff out there. There are a few Plant Rooms dotted across the city, but the Brighton Square site for us takes the cake when it comes to freelance spaces.

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The only spot to boast views of the sea, Loading Bar is a haven for freelancers who equally love the beach and geeking out over games. With its extensive selection of arcade classics and consoles, it’s also the ideal spot for perfecting the Pomodoro technique: simply work for 25 minutes, then reward yourself with a quick game for 5 minutes, repeating four times until you’ve earned a half hour break. You’ll see your productivity fly through the roof - if you don’t get caught up in a five-hour Mortal Combat tournament first.

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The most Brighton cafe of them all, the Marwood is a stalwart of the city’s culture, and provides everything you could possibly need for a productive day of work. Their laptop room on the top floor is the ideal space for getting your head down, while coffee, sandwiches and cakes are served throughout the day. You can even congratulate yourself for a job well done come home time with a reasonably priced beer - and did we mention Crunch Chorus run regular freelance networking events here too?

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The Marwood’s big sister cafe, Presuming Ed’s is a great spot for those who want to get away from the hubbub of central Brighton while still benefiting from its quirky interiors. The biggest treat here though perhaps, is that they’ve partnered up with Tropical Sushi to offer poke bowls at lunch. We’re not saying we’re motivated by food, but would it really be such a bad thing if we were?

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Modern, spacious and with an upstairs room that’s screaming out to be worked in, there are few spots in Hove quite as brilliant for freelancers as Hixon Green. Whether it’s on the giant board table, or curled up on a sofa, it’s almost as though the cafe’s space was custom built for home workers - in fact, in many ways, it almost replicates those hip co-working spaces that keep cropping up across town. Between enjoying the delicious cake and coffee on offer, you’ll find others will often be curious to see what you’re working on, so be sure to turn up with business cards in hand.

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Brighton’s biggest indie cafe chain, Small Batch Coffee Roasters, have found a niche in the market and filled it, by launching their own dedicated freelance room at their Goldstone Villas site. Fully equipped with super fast wifi, plenty of plug sockets and their signature amazing coffee, a seat here comes with no obligation (but it’s really bad manners to stay without buying anything). Commuters rejoice too - this spot is just a stone’s throw from Hove Railway Station, and a doozy to get to on the number 7 bus.

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If you love cake (and we know you do), look no further than Pelicano, Sydney Street’s little shabby chic cafe. There are plenty of single tables in this joint, enough plug sockets to go around, plus a great selection of coffee and tea (including their ‘red eye’, which contains enough espresso shots to bring on an instant anxiety attack - don’t say we didn’t warn you). There’s even a garden out back for those warmer days, or outside seating out front perfect for people watching. Best for those who like something a little offbeat, and thrive working somewhere with a little bit of buzz.

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The bakery of all bakeries, Flour Pot is known across the city for its unbeatable bread, coffee, and, of course, its doughnuts. Each Friday these bad boys are made fresh, and (understandably) fly out the door by the end of the day, so be sure to get in early! What sets its First Avenue site apart from the rest, however, is the real feeling of community that’s palpable from the moment you walk in. Immediately, you’re made to feel welcome, with this extending to freelancers who often take a perch for a few hours to while the afternoon away. Dreamy.

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The undisputed home of pancakes, Nowhere Man is the perfect place for freelancers during the week. With Horsham Coffee and stacks upon stacks of everyone’s favourite sweet USA export (with vegan-friendly options too), the team here will make sure you’re set for the day with your freelancing stint. What’s more, the cafe was originally opened by rock band Demob Happy, giving it a lovable grunge-y edge, and meaning there’s always always interesting people to meet.

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The new kid on the block, but the biggest of them all, Trading Post is a freelance paradise, with lots of open space over two floors and plenty of room to guarantee you’ll be left alone to work all day. The coffee comes in four blends, and there’s lots of food to go around too. Just make sure you nab yourself a seat before lunch time - located right in the centre of town means they’re a popular choice come lunch time.

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Published -20th June 2019