Wriggle pick some finger-licking places for fussy eaters and smaller stomachs.

Having kids is a magical, marvellous thing. It rewards all who take up the mantle of family life and, in turn, teaches us the boundless capacity for love possessed by each and every human heart. 

Unless you want to go out for meal that is. Then it’s a right pain in the arse.

To spare you the pain and hassle of herding kids to somewhere where noisy sprogs aren’t welcome, Wriggle have compiled a list of venues in Brighton that welcome little nippers with open arms.

This roomy Italian fast-food joint sits right in the heart of town, ideal for a quick carb-loading pitstop during a hard day of buggy-pushing. The simple familiar flavours go down well with little ‘uns, while the colourful walls and plate-glass windows give them plenty to focus on while you chow down on delicious Tuscan sauce.

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Don’t be put off by the slick, classy exterior. This huge eatery in Hove is as friendly as they come. The super-smiley staff will indulge your little treasures with child-friendly food, colouring-in sheets and even toys (brought to the table!). All this will leave you hands-free to tuck into the tasty, seasonal scran and home brewed beer.

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The idyllic beach-front location of this terrific bar makes it a must on hot sunny days. When the blasting wind and spray forces you indoors, it’s even better. The labyrinthine, smugglers-cave vibe is a fav of kids (and adults) who want to play pirates. For you, some of the best crab on the south coast. For them, moreish sweet potato fries.

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One of the oldest boozers in town also happens to be (arguably) the most child-friendly. Spread across three floors (including a mammoth roof terrace) and chock full of nifty nooks with charming tat, you could almost be in a Harry Potter film here. But with flowing booze, top-drawer seafood (for you), and straight-up gorgeous home-made pizza (for them).

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Published -20th February 2017