If cheap eats is what you're after, find a place that lets you bring your own. That way you forgo the mark-ups and get to indulge in your favourite Pinot with a delicious dish at a local eatery. Sounds like a winner to us. 

Here's the Wriggle rundown of the best BYO restaurants in Brighton. 

Pompoko don’t waste energy on airs and graces; note the profusion of shouty home-printed signs (“ORDER AND PAY AT COUNTER”, “NO SMOKING”) and picture-based menu, laminated for swift wipability. Whevs. Their astonishing 10-minute turnaround on food orders (even for big groups) could be described as brisk, or brusque, depending on your mood. But who cares when cooking is this good? Everything from crunchy spring rolls and plump tempura prawns (around two quid a pop), all the way up to the more elaborate kimchi udon (still under a fiver) are mouthwatering and filling. They don’t serve booze (partly, I suspect, to discourage lingerers), but you are allowed to bring your own, and fill your face for comfortably under a tenner. We’ll drink to that.

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Discreetly upmarket steakhouse specialising in 35-day dry-aged steaks in a refined yet unfussy setting. Tucked out of the way on quiet Boyce Street, there really isn’t a classier place in Brighton to sup on a Martini or wash down your fillet of rib-eye with a plump bottle of red. There’s even (get this) five varieties of Bloody Mary, our favourite being the ‘Brighton Morning Cure’ with pickled Absolute Vodka and an actual pickle for good measure. Roasts on Sunday deserve as much love as the steaks in my view, with a £35 sharing option sure to fill you and a co-conspirator up. On Monday they run a BYOB night (£5 corkage). They also do seasonal sea food if you’re not mad keen on beef. A hot spot for sure.

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From the same stable as lauded local steak-sizzlers The Coal Shed comes this glamorous fish-focussed corner spot. Wisely ditching the chi-chi fussiness you’d expect from a former seafront hotel bar, exposed brick and pricey looking bronze lamps set the elegantly sparse contemporary tone. Get a seat on the right side of the room and gaze out at the West Pier or, according to taste, i360. It ain’t cheap, with many dishes intriguingly (not to say coyly) billed as yours for ‘market price’. But you know it’s authentic, and magisterially well cooked. Wines are nicely curated; for a sense of the cocktail offering observe half a dozen variations on a gin and tonic. Show off your class to that special someone. Every Monday at The Salt Room is BYO. Bring along your choice of champagne or wine for a £5 corkage per bottle.

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Ever been to a cocktail party that rapidly descended into a mess of strange combinations and unpleasant concoctions? Well at BYOC you can re-create that experience. But this time with your own bartender to mix up concoctions properly. Bring a bottle and watch as your personal mixologist uses their supply of fruit juices and mixers to create a bespoke cocktail experience. Tucked away in the South Lanes, there’s a speakeasy vibe about BYOC with its entry through what appears to be an empty shop - but once inside you’re quickly immersed in this impressive cavernous space.

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Well priced, well spiced Thai food? Check. Quirky decor? Check. BYO policy. Oh yes, you betcha! Red Snapper is absolute Wriggle fave. The flavour of Thailand goes deep at the Red Snapper - three generations deep. Owner Panwad Manateepho is the daughter of Thai restaurateurs and the grand-daughter of Thai restaurateurs. It means she's as steeped in the flavours of her homeland as the curries marinating in the Red Snapper’s cool room. ​ The restaurant itself has been designed with a unique character. Where else has a bench made from a door in granny’s house or a painting made by a street artist sitting by the side of the road in Rayong. We love it. With its BYO policy it makes for a very reasonable supper out, we’d recommend grabbing a bottle from Seven Cellars just a few doors down.

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A Taste of Sahara gives seaside dwellers a taste of the exotic at a very reasonable price. Serving up Lebanese, North African and Middle Eastern cuisine in it’s Saharan themed restaurant, this is the perfect venue for large parties or special occasions. From Halal Kebabs to Tagines and Couscous, Sheesha Patio and Mint Tea; these Middle Eastern and Iranian favourites are staples on the menu along with some lesser known dishes that will tempt the more adventurous diners. The sharing mezzes are real favourites along with its BYO policy. The interior is lavishly decorated with Moroccan lanterns, arabic wallpaper and Turkish rugs, giving you the ultimate middle eastern dining experience.

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Café Chilli is a front runner amongst Thai restaurants in Brighton & Hove. Situated on Church Road amongst an array of indie restaurants, Café Chilli boasts authentic Thai cuisine in a relaxed and contemporary setting. With their Thai chef Lek, who has over 20 years of experience, you can expect something special – and a little bit different – from their menu. From your classic Pad Thai’s to the lesser known Som, Tam and Yum Thai salads you’ll be spoilt for choice. Their four sharing platters, which include squid in garlic sauce, chicken green curry, spicy tofu salad and a much more, are perfect to share with a friend over lunch. Wash it down with a mocktail, picking from flavours including basil & strawberry, and you're onto a winner. They also do BYO Mondays for £5 corkage, cheers!

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In the heart of Brighton & Hove you’ll find a lively Moroccan restaurant with a rich tapestry of tastes, aromas and sounds. The kitchen prepares traditional dishes such as Tagine and Mechoui along with some other dreamy dishes like Brak Lah'lou (Confit Duck Leg) and Bel' Jadj ( saffron stuffed chicken couscous). On weekends things get spicy with a traditional belly dancing show, so kick off your heels and go join in for a jolly good knees up. There’s a BYOB policy too so no excuse not to be dancing on the tables. Terracotta walls, plush draped robes and arabian adornments transport you to a distant land as you enjoy this authentic North African experience. Round off the evening with a traditional Hookah.

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Fancy an authentic alfresco Italian lunch? This place will hit the spot. It’s a cheap and cheerful little Italian in the heart of the North Laine, and a real hit amongst locals. Service with a smile was never truer than of Si Signore and his incredibly friendly team. Expect candlelit tables, big hearty dishes and rustic Italian furnishings, think Lady and the Tramp spaghetti romance. And don’t forget to bring your favourite vino, we do love a good BYO eatery, and there isn’t even a corkage charge. Bellisimo!

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Mamma Mia! This is the kind of friendly welcome you can expect walking through Aldo’s door. Just a short walk from the station and you’ll find yourself in this charming North Laine pizzeria. The kitchen prepares big, bold and hearty dishes to feed the tum and soul. The Calzone Alla Bomba is a real crowd pleaser as is the Tagliatelle Salmone. It’s also worth keeping an eye out for the seasonal chalkboard specials. The dishes are very reasonably priced and with a BYO policy too, you really can’t go wrong.

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Published -27th June 2018