Our lovely hippy city by the seaside is leading the way in vegan culture, with more vegan cafes than you can shake a (celery) stick at. Here are our favourites. 

Food for Friends

This fancy upmarket spot is the perfect place to show vegan skeptics we aren’t all tie-dye wearing crusties. Feast on sensitively roasted veg and impeccably presented smoked tofu, in a refined setting with big windows to gawp at the tourists milling around outside. You should order: Satay tempeh skewers with tart mango, crunchy bean sprout and a vibrant herb salad.

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Pile your plate high with rich verdant haricots, glistening roast veg, tartly seasoned cous-cous and more at Foodilic’s colourful veggie buffet. An array of healthy juices seals the deals here here, as does the cozy, hippy vibe of its upstairs seating area. You should grab Foodilic’s vibrant vegetable salads from the buffet, and look out for vegan specials such as lasagne (made using an awesome tofu recipe we want to get our hands on).

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Wai Kika Moo Kau

The self-styled ‘home of healthy indulgence’ serves satisfying full-vegan fry ups, chunky sweet potato and soybean burgers, organic wines and decadent cakes. There’s no friendlier, tastier or healthier cafe in town. You should order: The mezze platter: A veritable feast of Middle Eastern delights - the perfect balance of healthy and hearty.

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Smorls Houmous Falafel & Salad Bar

It may be a given that a falafel and salad bar is likely to be a haven of vegan foodstuff, but Smorls haven taken it to the next level. Anything vegan-friendly is clearly labelled, meaning you won't have to head in with the anxiety of asking about each item. The team create exciting vegan dishes such as ful medames, a dish of fava beans in a stew with parsley and spices. Elsewhere, the abundance of chickpeas are, naturally, fit for vegan consumption, and so are many of the various salads.

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Taking the title for the UK’s first plant based pizzeria, is Brighton’s very own Purezza! Their menu consists of exciting vegan pizzas such as the Parmigiana party (smoked mozzarella, fried aubergines, sliced sausages, topped with basil and nutritional yeast), Fumosa (smokey tomato base, chestnut mushrooms, smoked beet and fried tofu, topped with BBQ sauce) and One night in Bangkok (white base with stir fried vegetables, sprouted beans, sriracha sauce, topped with peanut sauce). Pizza bases include tasty sourdough, hemp flour and a delish gluten free option. Those creative animal lovers also have a whole host of cruelty free cheeses - rice-blend mozzarella, coconut, almond and cashew based fromage. YUM. If you’re still feeling munchy after all that why not try one of their mouth watering vegan puds, the Tiramisu is calling out to you!

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Iydea was one of the forerunners in vegetarian food service in Brighton's North Laine, and has won awards from the Vegetarian Society for its food. The super selection of salad more often than not includes a vegan option or two, and you can fill up on a mountain of pulses, hummus and fresh veg in a takeaway box bulging with goodnes. It's Iydea's dedication to crafting sweet treats for vegan teeth that impresses us the most about this place, and puts it firmly on this list. Look out for fantastic bakes such as vegan blueberry, almond and lavender cake.

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Planet India

At Planet India, vegan diners have the rare delight of selecting around three curry dishes without fear of straying from their diet. This authentic restaurant serving traditional South Indian cuisine stays true to the continent's simple vegetable-based dishes that utilise an incredible array of spices for unforgettable food. The black spicy chickpea dish is a no-brainer choice, as is the hearty and hot sweetcorn and vine leaf curry. Phoar, whoever said vegans survive on raw carrots.

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Happy Maki

The idea for Happy Maki was born after owner Anna returned from working on an organic black Tahitian pearl farm in French Polynesia. Inspired by the beautiful oceans she'd spent months working on, upon returning to the UK she researched marine issues further and came up with The Happy Maki concept. She aims to raise awareness of these issues and improve the appeal of veganism. Having built up a great following doing the UK festival circuit, the Happy Maki team have decided to make Brighton their first home (and we're chuffed they did). Based just off East Street, on Pool Valley, they're making a name for themselves in the tastiest of ways. With delicious vegan sushi wraps and delectable sides, Happy Maki is already loved by all. Even the hardy meat eaters!

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For next level donuts and coffee, here’s the place you donut want to miss. Next to The Level you'll find Glazed, a unique cafe that make the best donuts daily from fresh in ever changing flavours. Sit back in the simple skater-style cafe and enjoy the little quirks like takeaway boxes for lightshades and skateboards on the walls. Expect to taste the likes of Chocolate & Coconut, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Lemon & Poppyseed and Sea Salted Caramel - what better way to enjoy them than with a perfect coffee made by top baristas? And here’s the best bit; all the donuts are vegan and ingredients are sourced locally where possible.

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There’s nowhere with interiors that epitomise the sheer quirkiness of Brighton quite like the Hope & Ruin. From the sign above the door, emblazoned with cabaret lights, to the ethereal fairy-lit tree in the centre, to kooky accents like the washing machine and bathtub sofa, the whole pub appears to embody Brighton’s signature bohemian culture – and that’s before we even get to the food. The Beelzebab kitchen plays along with the theme, a full-size caravan (albeit chopped in half) hosting Brighton’s only vegetarian and vegan kebab shop. Think vegan doners, dirty hotdogs, loaded fries and deep fried gherkins. With feel-good food this tasty, we’re not surprised nobody’s dared to compete.

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Published -6th March 2018