Our lovely hippy city by the sea is proud of it’s boozy reputation. We may be fair-trade, Green Party-voting, hemp-wearing goody-two-shoes, but we put away alcohol like nowhere else. 

This means we’re hungover much of the time. To help out, Wriggle looked at the science of morning-after queasiness, and compiled a list of venues sure to sort you out. 

For the headache

The reason your poor noggin is throbbin’ is because your brain is expanding. What you need is an anti-inflammatory. Rather than spaffing your cash at the chemist, visit CURRY LEAF CAFE. They use turmeric in many of their dishes which contains natural anti-inflammatory agents. Just add black pepper (a catalyst in the chemical reaction) and voila. Clear headed again.

For the iffy stomach

Ginger. You need ginger. Studies show ginger to be more effective than over-the-counter pharmaceutical remedies at relieving bloating and nausea. So anywhere that does a ginger tea (shout out to CAFE RUST on London Road) is good. But why not go the whole hog and treat yourself at GINGER DOG? Which also, y’know, happens to be a pub. Just saying. 

For your poor liver

Eat.some.eggs. Eggs contain a high concentration of cysteine, a substance that lends your liver a helping hand mopping up acetaldehyde, a brutal toxin. May we suggest the amazing eggs Benedict at KOOKS. You’re welcome. 

For your long-suffering kidneys

Like your liver, your kidneys are working overtime to excrete all those nasty toxins you put in your body the night before. Well, give them a helping hand through science and raise the pH of your system. What’s great for that? Lemon. Go for a yummy,  pancake at NOWHERE MAN, and before you know it your piss will once again be clear as a mountain brook.

To fight the fatigue

Forget coffee. Caffeine is a temporary boost of energy – and great for curing the headache  – but ultimately you’ll crash harder when it wears off. And as coffee is a diuretic, it’ll dehydrate you more. Grab a fruit smoothie instead from BODY FUEL CAFE in Hove to not only energise but replace lost nutrients and electrolytes.

For your total lack of willpower

Or you can just say sod it, and jump right back on the horse. Bottomless brunch is the way forward – try NORTH LAINE BREWHOUSE’s beguiling array of bacon-infused bits and bobs on Saturday, alongside Mimosas and Bloody Marys laced with Brighton Hot Sauce (as if that’ll slow you down).

Published -18th April 2019