Picture this, a warm seaside summers day, a cool breeze blowing in your hair, now what would complete this pretty picture? A ruddy massive fat ice cream of course. And most probably a swarm of seagulls chasing you. But for all intents and purposes let's pretend we don't live in a city ravaged by feathery demons and can enjoy a 99 when and wherever the hell we want. 

Luckily for you, we've got the scoop on Brighton's best places to indulge in sorbet, gelato and sundaes til your heart's content. You're welcome. 

The newest addition to Brighton’s ice cream scene is the super trendy Brass Monkey. Prohibition influenced, totally organic and vegan friendly. This parlour sure has a lot going for it. Already getting rave reviews for its service with a smile, and interesting flavours like Masala Chai Latte, Lavender & Honey and Cardamom. For the lactose intolerant there’s delicious sorbets like Lime & Cucumber. This is so much more than your grab and go 99er, you’ll want to stay a while and marvel at the crystal pineapple light fixtures and the literal brass monkeys adorning the walls. We’re a big fan of this new North Laine venture and look forward to seeing them flourish.

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There’s ice cream. Then there’s gelato. But in Brighton there’s Boho Gelato. Anyone who’s visited Italy will already be aware of how impressive their gelato parlours are; Boho Gelato brings that taste of Italy to Brighton and adds its own spin by offering some interesting and innovative flavours, including Olive Oil (a classic in Italy and well worth a try), Carrot cake and Strawberry, Basil and Black Pepper sorbet - all with natural ingredients. Owner Seb Cole trained in Italy and regularly takes part in the Nivarata granita festival. In doing so he has gained the respect of Sicilian granita producers which is no mean feat for a bloke from the UK.

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A premium ice cream parlour serving the most luxurious and indulgent, artisan iced treats in the heart of the North Laine. Their gelato is made daily with fresh milk and cream from a Sussex based dairy. These ice cream loads have to be seen to be believed, they’ve created unique blends such as Kinder Egg, Lychee & Rose, Black Pearl (black vanilla) and Lemon Drizzle Cake. This place is a leader in game of the cones.

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La Mucca Nerra gelateria serve up fresh artisanal gelato and sorbets daily. Husband and wife duo Michelle and Fabrizio run this very independent ice cream parlour on Kemptown’s main strip and have already built up an enviable reputation with their sweet delicacies. Fabrizio comes from a small town in the North of Italy and uses recipes passed down from two generations of his family. Only fresh fruit is used in the sorbets and and the freshest milk in the ice creams. Their alfresco tables are perfect for a glass of bubbly and a summertime cone.

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Jojo’s is a family run artisan gelato shop on Brighton’s Western Road. They only use the best ingredients sourced from the land of Spaghetti itself, and there’s no skimping on the portion sizes either. These sundaes are the ultimate indulgence and uber Instagrammable. From the gelato you can expect flavours such as Red Bubblegum, Cardamom, Bounty & Snickers. There are also some wacky sorbet concoctions such as Red Bull, Pear & Chocolate and Pomegranate. This is one of the best places in town to stop off for some late night pud.

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This Hove eatery is most certainly ‘Dolce Vita’, with a focus on real Italian food done REALLY REALLY well. Their homemade ice creams are synonymous in Sussex and many of those with a hankering for something sweet flock to Hove to get a helping of their delicious, creamy goodness. It’s been serving its famous freshly made ice creams since 1969 when owner Renato would wake up at 4am to make his authentic ice creams from a secret recipe. His effervescent personality, and irresistible fare attracted not only hoards of local customers but celebs such as Tommy Cooper and Laurence Olivier. Unfortunately Mr Marocco himself passed away a few years ago, but his legacy lives on with his son now taking the reins of the family business. There’s 24 flavours of award-winning gelato to choose from so what are you waiting for, get a Wriggle on!

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Creators of the UK’s first rainbow cake, Cloud 9, also make super scrummy ice cream. They use natural ingredients and everything is made from scratch in their South Lanes parlour. The classic Mint Choc Chip is a real Wriggle fave, but there are always 16 options to choose from with seasonal ingredients at the forefront. Grab your scoops to go in a waffle, cone or tub, but we normally wolf them down in 2 seconds flat so it doesn’t really matter tbh.

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Published -21st June 2019