Regardless of what happens on Thursday we all need a bit of a break and a bit of self care. We've collected some of the best deals going over the next few days for a bit of escapism. 

I challenge anyone to not feel better after a pizza. Let the carbs wash over you and encourage an inner peace.

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Aperol Spritz and Prosecco floats for all! There is a limit of 5 per person, which would be enough to numb the horror or 24 hour rolling election news

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Fancy cocktails and a fancy platter. A great place to find a corner and ignore the horror going on outside. Treat an evening here as a strictly phones off affair.

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Pretend you're on holiday out of the EU and grab a burrito or two. You can't worry about Brexit if you're imagining you're not in Europe!

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It always makes me feel better getting someone else something nice, Fathers day is coming and you can't bare another debate over Sunday dinner about how Millennials "don't even know their born". The beers are great and a fantastic conversation changer. Plus you get a card, glass and a gift box.

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Published -7th June 2017