From the same duo that previously brought you mouthwatering cuban sandwiches at Idle Hands, moreish tacos at Marwoods, and most recently Brooklyn-style pizzas at Dead Wax Social, the Wolfsmouth team are now bringing you delicious burgers at Idle Hands.

Forget soggy buns and nasty cheap sauces though – because these are not just any burgers. Wolfsmouth are raising the bar with their fabulous street food inspired pop-up dining concept, designed by chefs Will Dennard and Jack Southan. Will and Jack utilise premium ingredients which are often disregarded or overlooked in today's culinary scene, doing the complete justice by elevating them to fantastic heights of flavour, presentation and texture. Wolfsmouth are doing burgers differently.

The delicious burgers on offer are:

  • New York Classic - Cheese, pickles, ketchup, mustard  
  • Cub Classic - Cheese, pickles, lettuce, red onion, tomato, wolf burger sauce  
  • Wolf - Swiss cheese, avocado salsa, lettuce, criolla onions, crispy pork belly, pineapple salsa
  • Tijuana Chilli - Swiss cheese, beef shin chilli, red onions, jalapeno, spicy ketchup  
  • Tennessee Bacon - Cheese, maple bacon, bourbon bbq sauce, sticky onions  
  • Korean Chicken - Korean glazed fried chicken, cheese, lettuce, mayo, pickles  
  • Szechuan Aubergine - Crispy aubergine, miso, avocado, tofu, sesame, lettuce

To celebrate this tasty new menu launch you can grab any Cub Burger and Fries for £5.95 on Wriggle. You’re welcome. 

Published -12th September 2018