We got behind the scenes at Glazed, the only dedicated vegan doughnut shop in the UK.

The team at Glazed Coffee specialise in creating glory holes of vegan goodness, drenched in delicious goo. These guys run rings around the doughnut scene, and regularly run out of their addictive handmade bakes. 

We got glazed, learnt the magic behind the method, and crafted our own nutty deep-fried batch. Here's the secret behind the success, straight from the horse's mouth:

Step 1: Proofing the Pudding

‘First up, we make the dough. Regular doughnuts contain lots of things that wouldn’t work for vegans. In place of egg we use bicarb and vinegar, to bind it all together. Vegan butter substitute works great too. In place of dairy milk - for a while we tried almond milk but found it too runny. Luckily oat milk works just fine.’

Step 2: Rise 'n' Shine

‘The dough has to be left to ‘prove’ overnight, so the yeast can react and rise. Then we roll it out and cut it into rings. Then the rings are left to rise a little more. 

So much of the process is a waiting game.’

Step 3: We Wait

(...and so time to munch on more doughnuts followed by a creamy caffeine hit?)

Step 4: Top it Off

‘While that’s happening we work on the glaze. We like to change up the menu about once a week, or whenever one of us has a great idea. This week we’re doing baklava and pistachio butter.’

‘Where possible we like to source things from local businesses. There’s a little place around the corner that makes vegan baklava, so I just bought a bunch of theirs and mixed it with the pistachio butter and a bit of sugar to make the glaze.’

Step 5: Fry Time

‘When the dough is ready we fry it for a few minutes on each side. I think there’s a vegan place in London that also claims to do doughnuts, but they bake them instead of frying. Always remember: a baked doughnut is a faked doughnut.’

Step 6: Get Glazed

‘When the fried doughnuts have cooled enough, we apply the glaze. And there you have it, a fresh vegan doughnut.’

Thanks to James at Glazed. Now go get some!

Published -17th August 2018