For one week only we’re celebrating the spiciest food in town. Yep, that’s right it’s only Wriggle Chilli Week! 

If you’re partial to a Habanero or three, you’re in for a real treat this week. We’ve got the best chefs in town cooking up a ‘hot hot hot’ selection of exclusive spicy specials; dishes to make your taste buds tingle and your heart rate jingle.


As well as getting yourself a tasty Chilli Week exclusive dish, you’ll also get a free packet of chilli seeds to grow at home. You'll receive your chilli seeds when collecting your Wriggle deal at the venue.

From dark chilli chocolate chai lattes to vegan Indian chilli burgers, we’ve got something to suit every palate on the app this week. If you, or your mates are more on the mild side of spice, not to worry - we’ve got a whole selection of very lightly spiced dishes also on offer, so there’s no excuse not to join the chilli week festivities.

Fun Chilli Fact: Did you know that spiciness isn’t actually a taste? The reason we sweat, have runny noses and feel like our mouths are burning when eating chilli is because of a chemical reaction that tricks our brains into thinking that are mouths are .. well… quite literally on fire! How crazy is that! So even though the spice isn’t actually burning you, the brain gets the same signals as if it were and tries to cool you down 😱

Moshimo are muscling in on the Chilli Week action with a curated pick of their well-loved gyoza dumplings and Poké bowls, guaranteed to heat things up nicely. Packed full of fresh red chillies, fiery ginger, and lashings of hot curry sauce, their Poké bowls offer a satisfying spice that'll leave you wanting more. Grab this Wriggle to get your mitts on any of their sticky gyoza dumplings (including pan-fried duck, and crispy fried leek) as well as one of their delicious Poké bowls.

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Treat yourself to Ole Ole's fabulous tapas plates, and celebrate Wriggle Chilli Week while you're at it! The Ole Ole team have made a selection of their spiciest tapas dishes only for you lucky Wriggler. Nab yourself this Wriggle and you'll indulge in any two tapas plates from the following selection, paired with either a beer, house wine or glass of sangria - proper Spanish!

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These options from Mrs Fitz's Food menu will sort either you and a pal out for a slap-up meal, or make perfect nibbles for the whole gang. With this Wriggle, you'll get to choose any one, two or any four dishes from the menu, depending on which Wriggle product you select. You'll be hard-pressed to choose, with so many mouthwatering options on the menu.

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Treat yourself to a flavourful, delicately spicy and deliciously heartwarming drink from the amazing guys at Bird & Blend. Snap up this Wriggle and you'll set your hands on one of Bird & Blend's very own Dark Choc Chilli Chai - an all-time Wriggle favourite - together with a takeaway single-serve Gingernut Matcha and a 20g loose leaf pouch.

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If you've ever been to Belgium, you'll know that they don't joke with them fries. We've got something a little closer, and much cheaper than a low-cost flight for you to try these little fried sticks of pure delight: BeFries on West Street! You'll get a medium cone filled with those crispy-on-the-outside, light-and-fluffy-on-the-inside fries, 10 sauce samplings - the range of sauce options is so wide, you need to try them all - and a drink. Now, the fun bit: to celebrate Wriggle Chilli Week, BeFries is giving you access to all their under-the-counter extra spicy hot sauces. How exciting is that? You'll need to use the code word "BeHot" when ordering at the bar to access these fiery beauties... Are you up for the challenge?

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Treat yourself to a portion of oh-so-sweet churros, with a chilli-twist! To celebrate Wriggle Chilli Week, Carlito Burrito have concocted a fiery recipe of our favourite fried treats. This Wriggle will get you a portion of churros, topped with yummy chocolate sauce and, in true Mexican style, generously sprinkled with chilli powder. Think you want some more of that? Use the secret codeword "Chipotle" and the Carlito Burrito team will sort you out with some extra spice. Wriggle tip: these go perfectly well with a beer...

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Get the spice going with this steamy Wriggle from Smorl's: they've cooked up one beauty of a bolognese, and it's absolutely banging! Nab yourself this Wriggle and you'll be tucking into Smorl's hearty vegan falafel bolognese, served with a hasselback potato, crunchy pickled cabbage and tasty hummus - wholesome, yummy and with a lovely spicy kick to it, just how we love it!

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Leave the leftovers for another day and pay a visit to Harry's Kitchen instead! They're getting you their signature meatball sub on this Chilli Week, you don't want to miss out! This Wriggle will get you Harry's Sicilian Meatball Sub: delicately spiced meatballs - made from locally sourced free-range pork - with a hint of chilli, fennel and garlic, and doused in homemade tomato sauce, served in Harry's Kitchen own freshly made bread, and dressed with rocket and parmesan - yum! Deliciously meaty, and oh-so-satisfying, that's the recipe for a perfect lunch!

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Get some 'Spice Monkey' in your life with Boo Diddley's hot 'n' spicy Piri-Piri-Chilli Chicken toasted sandwich. The team have joined up with local Brighton chilli sauce producer 'Spice Monkey' for Wriggle Chilli Week, and we couldn't be happier! This Chilli Week special Wriggle will get you Boo Diddley's regular piri-piri chicken toastie - yummy toasted sourdough bread with chicken, tomato, red onion and mozzarella - with a delicious dose of Spice Monkey on it. The same, but with a little fiery extra. Just pick if you want it to take away, or to have in, and you're good to go!

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Dirty Mac, as the name suggests, have mastered the art of preparing the cheesiest and tastiest mac 'n' cheese in town. Nab yourself this Wriggle and you'll get to try it for yourself - all the gooey goodness demands to be eaten!

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STOP! Put that microwave meal down and step away from the supermarket aisle... We adore Curry Leaf Cafe and love being able to build our own meals from a plethora of delicious options. Whether you’re in the mood for a wrap, salad or rice box, you have plenty of amazing combos to pick and choose from. Don't forget your drink: choose any cold soft drink or medium hot drink!

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Wriggle over to Woodbox Pizzeria and tuck into the OG of pizzas, the one that just never goes out of style: the Margherita. Mind, this is Chilli Week we're talking about so this Woodbox Pizzeria special is a hot one! Your Wriggle will get you a Margherita Scorchio: your traditional Margherita topped with a generous amount of mozzarella and basil, but with a spicy tomato base - Woodbox have supercharged their usual recipe with chillies and chilli oil. The best part? The crust is filled with a fiery nduja (spicy salami paste) & ricotta creme, making it extra hot, and extra delish'. Happy Wriggle Chilli Week!

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Suns out buns out! If you like burgers and Indian food, you're in for a treat. It's Wriggle Chilli Week and to celebrate, the amazing guys at Jaldee Jaldee are inviting you to try their delicious plant-based Indian burgers. Top it off by pairing your burger with a yummy side of mogo chips – a hearty plate of delicious fried cassava chips, topped with homemade chutney. Or choose the perfect traditional Indian thali, a mouthwatering selection of authentic dishes offering an array of fresh flavours, textures and colours presented on a steel plate.

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Aren't you curry-ous about Thai food? Even if you know it all, you'll want to Wriggle over to Lucky Khao as they've got delicious curry dishes lined up and ready to be devoured.

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Published -14th October 2019