Wriggle favourites Bluebird Tea Co. have just announced that for the month of April, they’re trialing four weeks of plant mylk only. 

But why? Let us fill you in. The idea is not to shame or judge individuals life choices, but to inform, educate and let people try just how god damn delicious plant based options can be. 

Here in Brighton the vegan communi-tea is vast, and Bluebird want to ensure there are delicious choices to suit every dietary requirement, whether it be the customers or staff. They have a very strong environmental ethos and understand how the dairy and meat industry are contributing to the problems we face globally. As a result, they want to do something about it. As a business they are passionate about making a change in the world, so this is just one step towards a greener future. 

Of course being a tea company, milk is a staple ingredient so retaining the delicious flavours of their teas and matchas is paramount. From today, (April 2nd) you can choose from Almond, Coconut or Oat milk in your tea, iced chai or tea latte. A little BB fact for you, almond mylk has always been used as standard in their matcha lattes because these award-winning mixologists really know their stuff, and they say it tastes better! We 100% believe them.

We think this is a wonderful initiative and fully support Bluebird on their mission to make the world a better place, so to celebrate we’re offering you lucky lot a £1 Oat Mylk Matcha Latte throughout April. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy Bluebird Tea, and that’s pretty close. 

Published -3rd April 2018