You’d be hard-pressed to find a Brightonian that doesn’t like Chocolate or Booze, or boozy chocolate for that matter. The wonderful Emily, founder of Brighton’s best Organic, Vegan Chocolate Workshops taken care of this missing loophole in Brighton’s eclectic food scene, so without further ado may we introduce to you the wonder that is Cocoa Crystal

Calling all chocoholics! Go cocoa crazy with Cocoa Crystal and try your hands at their Luxury Organic Chocolate Masterclass. Use the finest 100% organic cacao butter and cacao mass and temper your handmade chocolate on marble slabs, using professional equipment and techniques. Your expert will also impart amazing choc facts, and teach you the history of cacao. You'll learn about the processing involved in modern and traditional chocolate making, and discover the fascinating truths about cacao! 

Most excitingly, you can take your hand-tempered and decorated Cocoa Crystal chocolate bar and your delicious box of ganache truffles home! Nothing is better than chocolate, except chocolate and booze! 

Get bubbly as you create your treats - a crisp glass of Prosecco is included for every guest. Your choco delights with be completely organic and free from animal products, gluten and palm oil - that makes it healthy, right?

For this event, it doesn't matter if you're totally new to chocolate making, coming alone or with friends as the classes are full of facts, fun and accessible for everyone. Book your spot on the next masterclass here

Published -19th June 2018