Tlaloc is a new Mexican Restaurant based in Oseta Cafe, that are skipping all the stereotypes of Mexican food. No Sombreros and burritos allowed here! 

Owners Joan and Daniel are taking an innovative approach to Mexican cuisine - combining traditional traditional flavours and techniques with local British ingredients to create a sophisticated and unique menu. All the dishes are gluten wise and all their veggie options are also vegan.

A few of us at Wriggle were lucky enough to go along and try this mouthwatering fare in its opening week. Some of our absolute favourites were the Al Pastor Octopus Tacos, The Hibiscus Flower Tacos and the Birria Tacos. The flavours are bold and punchy, and it takes your palette a moment to adjust to the interesting new textures and flavour combinations, but you quickly realise your taste buds are tingling for more. The Hibiscus Flower Tacos are truly something special, somewhere between the meaty texture, the rich sticky soy sauce and the warm, freshly made tortilla we were transported to taco heaven. A must try for meatys and non-meatys alike. Be sure to give one of their banging cocktails a try too, they knock out some absolute corkers - we indulged in the Smoky ‘n’ Hot Margarita and the Oaxaca Old Fashioned.

We took some time to chat to Brighton's most innovative New Mexican eatery, here's what they had to say.

What made you decide to start your own restaurant, and what’s the story behind the name Tlaloc?

Joan and I had the ambition and the dream of running our own restaurant so that we could do things our way and be our own bosses. We have been working together for 4 years now, we make a great team and love to work with together so we decided to take the leap and start Tlaloc. Tlaloc is the Aztec name for the god of the rain. People used to praise him for rain and earthly fertility. Giving the name Tlaloc to our restaurant is a metaphor of our will to prosper and grow individually and as a business, as well as a tribute to the British weather. 

Where do you get your inspiration from when creating your exciting flavour combinations?

My last trip to Mexico was very illuminating. I found there was a new wave of Mexican restaurants doing traditional cuisine but treated in a modern, more sophisticated way. That blew my mind and made me start mixing the flavours of my childhood with what we could find here.

What makes your tacos so unique and what do you feel you do better than anybody else out there?

This is a very important question, we are skipping sombreros and stereotypes. We are doing Mexican Cuisine to recreate a real Mexican Experience. We want to show the real Mexican flavours of today, everything on the menu is homemade, fresh and made completely from scratch. 

Which is your favourite dish on the menu?

If I had to pick one, I would say the Pork Belly Mole. The mole sauce is the most complex recipe on the menu and the most surprising when you try it. 

Where would you like to see Tlaloc in five years time?

Running a fine dining Mexican restaurant here in Brighton. 

What are some of your other favourite restaurants in Brighton?

We really love local and small restaurants like Le Baobab Cuisine, Lickle More, Burger Brothers, Plateau and our friends from Pakal

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Published -8th October 2018