It’s official, the B12 burger has landed in Brighton. Lucky beach has taken on the infamous Moving Mountains meatless patty, and currently is the only restaurant outside of London to stock the fully plant based burger. We’re sure you heard all the hype about this sizzling new addition to the vegan foodie scene when the product was launched in February this year. A huge amount of controversy surrounded the ‘raw bleeding burger’ concept that has primarily been focussed towards meat eaters rather than veggies, giving meat lovers a sustainable and healthy alternative. 

After being in development for more than two years the Moving Mountains gang and their team of scientists and farmers discovered the meatiest and tastiest variation of the patty consisted of peas, potatoes, wheat, soy proteins, coconut oil, vitamin B12, oyster mushrooms and beetroot juice for that all-important ‘bleeding’ centre. 

The key to the meaty texture is the way the patty is processed, the wheat and soy proteins are extruded and then minced, which develops meat like fibres. It’s then flash fried to give it that added beefy quality. With zero cholesterol, antibiotics or hormones, this really is a nutritional bun we can get on board with.

Lucky Beach’s variation of the ‘burger of the future’ comes with dehydrated leather ketchup to reduce the risk of a soggy bun, vegan cheese fondu, sweet pickled kombu onions, pickles and a toasted dairy free bun.       

Whether you’re meat free or a meat fanatic, head over to Lucky Beach Cafe on the seafront, or Lucky Beach 2 at The Temple Bar and give it a go. Tweet us with your thoughts @Wriggle_Brghtn. 

Published -3rd July 2018