The oldest and cutesiest district of Brighton boasts a handful of street names that harks back more than nine centuries. However, for most of its history, ‘The Lanes’ was merely a cluster of ramshackle fishing cottages. Even by Victorian times, when Brighton first became a fashionable hub, it was considered an embarrassing old-fashioned eyesore. 

Only in the 1970s, with the rest of the UK blighted by concrete, was it given its proper due for being the adorable gem it is. Enter dozens of groovy independent businesses, bars and world-class eateries. Looking for a day out in The Lanes? Check out Wriggle’s guide to the best of Brighton’s lovable ancient heartland…


CURRY LEAF CAFE serve authentic Indian with deft nods to modernity via their huge craft beer selection and signature masala-battered fish and spicy chips. 

FOOD FOR FRIENDS proves that vegan food needn’t be drab or samey. Mushroom ‘scallops’, five-spice crispy tofu, or Cucumber and chickpea mousse rolls with mango, chilli coriander salsa. Nom. 

MOSHIMO have bowls of sticky, fleshy, umami-sushi fabulousness meandering about the plush seating and low tables on a Brands-Hatch-esque conveyor. Treat yourself. 

BAGELMAN is a Brighton institution on par with seagulls and late trains. Tuck into the fancy-dan Hester Street with ham, pulled pork, double swiss and pickles. Your life will change.


BYOC is a kickass concept drinking den where for a modest fee and a bring-your-own bottle of hooch pro mixologists will put on a show and get you hammered in a louche, speakeasy setting. 

THE CRICKETERS is the quintessential oldschool hostelry, complete with separate bars victorian fittings. They’ve been pulling pints here since the 1500s, don’t you know 

PLATEAU do chic but un-fussy cocktails in a grownup setting, perfect for a few after work tipples or the springboard to a proper night out on the lash. 

TWISTED LEMON do atmosphere, pizza and fancy drinks better than anyone around. Keep it real with an espresso martini, or go a bit off the rails with the pyrotechnic Killer Zombie.


THE MARWOOD is a lighthearted cafe staffed by a crack team of self-styled ‘coffee ninjas’ amid oodles of fun, creative bits and bobs all over the walls. Scoff delicious cakes and sup on a pitch-perfect latte in the coolest junk shop around. Heaven.


Goggle and gape at CHOCCYWOCCYDOODAH’s window displays; towering masterpieces of the chocolatier’s art. 

Published -11th October 2017