If you were down on London Road last week you were in for a big surprise, you might have spotted a couple dozen bank robbers making a quick getaway from the colourful stoop of Presuming Ed's. 

Alas, fear not, the tills of Presuming Ed are safe (for now) - the stunt was was organised to mark the launch of Brighton's newest escape room, Escape the Vault. 

The challenge? Rob the vault of the world-renowned arms dealer, Charles Fawkley. Should you choose to accept, you'll have 40 minutes to get out before the boys in blue arrive. Succeed? You'll be hired for future heists. Failure is not an option.

Hidden inside Presuming Ed’s Coffee House, which used to be a HSBC, originally opened in 1956. The room is now home to a UK first Escape Room Experience. Using technology never used before in an Escape Room, ‘robbers’ can talk with their getaway driver Terrance on Whatsapp making their way through the room and get out with their winnings within 40 minutes. 

The launch night included a shortened version of the Escape Room for players to try their hand at along with VR provided by the GOVR cafe. Escape the Vault founders Will Armstrong and Daniel Ralphs caused a scare four weeks ago when shooting their promotional video in a mock heist of the old vault. 

Owner of Presuming Ed’s Coffee House, Richard Grills said, “We feel like we actually have a bank vault in our coffee house again. The best thing? You can rob it any time you want!” 

The Escape Room is now open to the public to take on the challenge. In true Robin Hood style, 10% of ticket sales are given to charity when the players choose from Shelter, Missing People or Mind. 

Assemble your group of bandits to a maximum of 4 people, or go on a solo mission if you feel brave enough. Save 30% when you BOOK HERE.

Published -7th May 2019