We're pretty spoilt for choice living in the vegetarian capital of the UK, Brighton is home to the country's only dedicated vegan donut shop, there's an animal friendly shoe shop, numerous vegan food festivals, vegan cheese making workshops, you can feast on vegan kebabs, wolf down vegan burgers, eat vegan fish & chips on the beach and of course we can't forget, the restaurant that's been leading the way since the 80's, our very first veggie restaurant, Food for Friends.

It's National Vegetarian Week and we're encouraging you to ditch the steak and stock up on some insanely delicious veggie food. From 13-19th May we're going to help you discover just how delicious plant based food can be. We've got a ton of vegetarian deals for you to chose from, plus some great tips and resources for you to really make the most of this week, and who knows, maybe you'll love it so much you'll become a convert! 

Think giving up meat means giving up burgers? Think again, friend.

Start your day right with these amazing vegan breakfast options around the city. 

Ignore that saintly inner voice that tells you to avoid carbs and indulge, because we have some killer vegan junk food options for you in Brighton.

We got behind the scenes at Glazed, the only dedicated vegan doughnut shop in the UK.

Published -13th May 2019