Why do people think that being vegan must mean eating nothing but fruit, vegetables and quinoa? We don’t spend hours looking up the benefits of eating chia seeds and perfecting yoga poses... Vegans love junk-food just as much as anyone else! 

Ignore that saintly inner voice that tells you to avoid carbs and indulge, because we have some killer vegan junk food options for you in Brighton.

The Beezebab kitchen at The Hope & Ruin is host to Brighton’s only vegetarian and vegan kebab shop. Think vegan doners, dirty hotdogs, loaded fries and deep fried gherkins. With feel-good food this tasty, we’re not surprised nobody’s dared to compete. Look out for the specials of the month on their Instagram for creations that you could only dream of. There are slo rumours of a Beelzeburger launching so stay tuned for more deets.

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A brand new gourmet fried chicken and vegan faux chicken restaurant sat on the corner of East Street. Try their innovative vegan chicken burgers such as 'The Hot as Cluck' or 'The Satay Night Fever' slathered in vegan mayo and cheese. Load up on their range of tasty homemade sides, dips, and crispy cauliflower pieces too.

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Taking the title for the UK’s first plant based pizzeria, is Brighton’s very own Purezza! Their menu consists of exciting vegan pizzas such as the Parmigiana party, Fumosa, and One night in Bangkok. Pizza bases include tasty sourdough, hemp flour and a delish gluten free option. Those creative animal lovers also have a whole host of cruelty free cheeses - rice-blend mozzarella, coconut, almond and cashew based fromage. YUM.

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For next level donuts and coffee, here’s the place you donut want to miss. Next to The Level you'll find Glazed, a unique cafe that takes the title of the only dedicated vegan donut shop in the UK. Expect to taste the likes of Chocolate & Coconut, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Lemon & Poppyseed and Sea Salted Caramel - what better way to enjoy them than with a perfect coffee made by top baristas?

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Having built up a great following doing the UK festival circuit, the Happy Maki team have decided to make Brighton their first home (and we're chuffed they did). Based just off East Street, on Pool Valley, they're making a name for themselves in the tastiest of ways. With delicious vegan sushi wraps and delectable sides, Happy Maki is already loved by all. Even the hardy meat eaters!

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You’re lying if you say you don’t get a hankering for a proper tasty pasty every now and then. Over on Gardner Street you’ll find the ultimate vegan comfort food in Our Cornish Pasty Shop. VG options are Thai Veg (this recipe came 2nd in the World Pasty Championships), Mexicana or a Wholemeal number. FYI The Vegan Sausage rolls are some of the best we’ve ever tasted. The sweet treats are also uber drool worthy, the homemade vegan banoffee pie is our guilty pleasure of choice.

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If you're looking for a warm, welcoming, relaxed cafe that serves wholesome food, Green Kitchen is a sure bet. Boasting a 100% vegan menu, they're serving up delicious breakfasts, sandwiches, salads, burgers and a variety of regularly changing specials. Sit in the window and watch the people of Preston Road go by, or grab a bite to go. They're dog-friendly too, so feel free to bring your canine companions along for the ride.

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Chips. Fries. Frites. Nearly every corner of Brighton that serves food will offer them on their menus, but none quite like BeFries on West Street. Chan and Dash have brought their passion and knowledge of the humble potato fry to Brighton. If you think this is a typical English chippy... think again. These double cooked Belgian fries have a great crunch to the exterior whilst holding on to the light fluffiness of the potato interior, and are dangerously moreish on their own. But fries aren't the only thing these guys do well. The range of sauces available will knock your socks off with classics such as Dutch mayo and curry ketchup, to homemade sauces including 'Samurai' (spicy mayo), green peppercorn and specials served with diced onion on top. Plenty of the sauces are vegan-friendly too. Sip as you dip your way to condiment paradise with one of their Belgian beers or soft drinks.

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The Loving Hut is the place to head if you’re feeling some naughty vegan feeds, but can’t decide exactly what you want. Let us reel off just a few of the dishes you can expect … Fish & Chips, Hot Dogs, Burgers, Burritos, Fry ups, Raw Orange Chocolate Cake. Enough choices for you? Alright, we’ll give you one more. On Sundays they serve up a HUGE vegan Sunday roast with all the trimmings. We out.

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Published -16th August 2018