Here's a coupla' fun facts I bet you didn't know about Valentine's Day ... 1. In Finland they celebrate Ystävänpäivä - this translates as 'Friend’s day' and is all about having fun with your homies rather than your SO. 2. The association of love and red roses dates back to Roman Mythology, they are said to be the fave flower of the Roman Goddess, Venus. 3. In Japan the script is flipped as women gift the men home made chocolates on the 14th, exactly a month later on 'White Day', those same lucky recipients repay the gesture with white chocolates or flowers for the gals. Everyone knows chocolate is the language of lurve.

Whether you're a mushy romantic or adverse to the yucky love stuff, we've got some hot mate or date nights in store this Feb. Feel free to peruse our other awesome events this month is none of these take your fancy. 

Valentines day is back again with love soaring through the air above our heads, with couples dealing with the same tricky, time old questions that crop up every year... “What should we do? Where should we eat?" Well, no fear – Wriggle have come to the rescue, in partnership with the legendary Carlito Burrito. Carlito’s Burrito has the best Wriggle for those who want to spend a pretty chilled, but still romantic date with their significant other.

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There's nothing like some soul food to set the mood. This Valentine’s day The Caribbean Kitchen has the Wriggle you and bae have been waiting for. Enjoy a delicious 2 or 3 course dinner while being serenaded with the sweet sounds of Faye and Mike from Brighton’s very own ‘Resonators’.

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner, how do you feel about a four-course, sophisticated and delightful candlelight dinner with a glass of bubbles to go with it? Treat your other half to an incredible dining experience and head over to the Walrus, they're waiting for you! The delectable menu caters for all, with delicious gluten-free and vegan options. Amongst other things, you'll get vibes of delicate artichoke velouté, tasty Braised Beef Cheek En Croûte and a delicious "Assiette de Chocolat" that promises bursts of flavours you won't forget!

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This Valentine's Day head over to the Tipsy Bear for a pop-up experience that'll awaken all your senses. The Tipsy Bear and The Dining Room are joining forces to offer you a lovely one time experience: a five-course dinner with both meaty and vegetarian options, specifically catered for you to have a delightful and romantic evening.

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Get a Wriggle on and grab yourself a ticket to RIPTIDE's 'Deep Six', taking place on the 15h February. With tensions running high, watch first hand as the stars of RIPTIDE Wrestling compete in this spectacular event! On the night there are refreshments from local brewers Bison Beer and Gun Brewery, hot dogs from Beelzebab and confectionary from the Vegan Tuck Shop available. There's also live music during the interval to keep you thoroughly entertained.

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Forget Valentine's day and call it a Valentine's Week – why limit the romance for just one night?! Head over to The Golden Pineapple with bae and enjoy your Valentine's like real adults do…With a delicious COCKTAIL. Yes, you read that right – Valentine's is all about booze! The Golden Pineapple has a special Valentine's Wriggle, where you can choose between either 4 or 6 of their Valentines Cocktails – just select the Wriggle you'd like when booking.

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Head over to one of Brighton’s best-loved bars and sip on some artisan cocktails courtesy of Merkaba. They're offering you and your lucky partner 4x cocktails and 2x glasses of prosecco - the perfect introduction to Merkaba. Start with a glass of bubbles each, then allow the expert bartenders to take you on a tastebud adventure with two cocktails each. The friendly team are waiting, excited to find out your favourite, or maybe share a few of theirs.

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In need of a cocktail? What a coincidence! The Joker is inviting you to come and discover their range of delicious and original Longflint cocktails. These bad boys are premium, organic cocktails, created from a desire to make a new range of natural, botanical handmade craft drinks avoiding over-industrialised processes. Sounds fair, doesn't it? he Joker's elegant and woody cocktail bar decor will make you feel so comfortable that you won't ever want to leave this dazzling place. Come take a seat; the dashing Longflint cocktails are awaiting!

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Grab a loved one and Wriggle over to Brighton’s Lanes for the ultimate Curry Leaf Cafe dining experience. This is your opportunity to get the full works and tuck into some unbelievably good Indian fare. You and your partner-in-dine will start off with a delicious plate of flavoured poppadoms with homemade chutneys and dips (VG). You'll also enjoy a starter each (why not half-and-half them for a taste of both?). Next, you'll feast on two of their award-winning curries, and believe us when we say these beauties are absolute game changers. Along with your banquet, depending on which Wriggle you chose, you’ll also get 2x soft drinks of choice (The Mango Lassi and Kombucha are really special) or 2x alcoholic drinks (includes pints of draught beer and 175ml glasses of house wine).

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The guys at Woodbox Pizzeria may be new kids on the proverbial Wriggle block, but we can't get enough of their classic Napoli style pizzas. How amazing do these sound? Gorgonzola & Chilli - Homemade tomato sauce, gorgonzola piccante, fresh chillies, fior di latte mozzarella, a swirl of honey & topped with rocket. Wild Fennel Saucisson - Fior d'latte mozzarella, wild fennel saucisson, rosemary, caramelized red onion & shaved Pecorino Romano. Woody - Homemade tomato sauce, smoked buffalo mozzarella, portabello mushrooms, capers, caramelized red onion & truffle oil. Choose any two pizzas from their wonderful menu, to be enjoyed with rocket & parmesan salad to share and a bottle of either Conviviale Montepulciano red wine or Ca di Ponti Catarratto white wine. What more do we need to say?

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Published -13th February 2019