There's just something so magical about a burger, a delicious patty, something saucy, a bit o' green and a big old bun. But why are we sooo obsessed with them? Is it because you can literally stuff anything in there, is it because they're always within budget, is it the familiarity of them being found everywhere, or is it just simply because all that carby goodness tastes so frikkin good?!

Whatever your reasoning, we've traversed Brighton's mammoth food scene to dig out the tastiest plant-based burgers in town. So all you need to do is choose one (or five), eat, and prepare to enter burger euphoria. 

This brand new gourmet fried chicken shop rack up some banging vegan faux chicken burgers. The Hot as Cluck is a vegan faux chicken patty, spicy chipotle dairy-free slaw, lettuce, pickled cucumber and a sourdough roll. Fiery. They even do vegan nuggs and crispy cauliflower pieces to have on the side too, delish!

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Oh burgers, how we love you! Wriggle over to Bison Beer where Humble Plates is running the kitchen and cooking up some beautiful burgers ready to be devoured. The Herbivore burger comes with a B12 Patty, truffle mayo, lettuce, pickled onions, ketchup and mustard. A plant-based eaters delight.

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Wolfsmouth are hitting their second burger menu at London Road favourite, The World’s End. Unlike their sister burger pop-up, the burgers here will have a heavy weighting towards vegan and vegetarian burgers and snacks. Their plant based delights are just as delicious as their meaty counterparts and the homemade seitan has a big part to play. Using their extensive experience, knowledge and open-thinking, Wolfsmouth focus on ingredients which are often overlooked and strive to make them extraordinary.

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Down on St James Street a brand new foodie experience has just opened. Owners Tomasz and Atilla describe it as ‘A relaxed sandwich restaurant for everyday of the week.’ Both of these experienced chefs are formerly of Brighton’s favourite veggie eatery - Food for Friends and have decades of cooking knowledge behind them as well as a long lived friendship. Together they develop creative recipes using locally sourced ingredients that not only satisfy the tum, but nourish the senses. Their awesome vegan burger is The B Right On - Organic Tempeh Sandwich - Szechuan pepper tempeh with mirin, daikon, bok choy, pickled ginger, soy, oyster mushrooms & gochujang sauce.

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A newly refurbished community pub on Brighton’s Ditchling Road serving fresh craft brews and blinding veggie and vegan pub grub. The RH Burger comes with a beef style patty, sesame bun, mayonnaise, mixed leaves, beef tomato, red onion, smoked gouda cheese & facon lardons, crispy shallots, salad & fries. Get stuck in!

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Vegans of Brighton, this one's for you! Neighbourhood is back with one hell of a tasty treat that's bursting with flavour. Head over to pay these guys a visit, and munch on this rich Sweet Potato & Black Bean Burger with avocado mayo and rainbow slaw, served with delicious golden fries, simply cooked to perfection. Doesn't sound too bad now, does it? If you want to personalise this beauty a bit, you can switch your standard fries for loaded fries, throw in a delish fried egg or add some crispy-fried halloumi: whatever your heart desires!

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Get yourself over to The Joker, grab a table, or the railway carriage-style booth, and settle in for some plant based tastiness. The Very Vegan Burger is a beetroot and mint patty with lemon and garlic yoghurt, iceberg lettuce and tomatoes, if you’re feeling rather ravished double up your patty for an extra £1.50. Pro tip - grab some spiced aubergine vegan nuggets for the table, but be warned, once your mates get a taste they won’t last long.

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Just like this cracking tavern’s frothy namesake, when it comes to the Fountain Head we can’t stop gushing. A well-proportioned town centre boozer with a solid selection of local beer on tap and a quietly ecumenical flavour to the decor. Plus board games, books and a dog friendly vibe. All burgers served on a toasted brioche bun with hand cut skin on chips, house slaw, mixed leaf, tomatoes and pickles. The vegan option is a delicious spiced falafel patty, served with vegan tzatziki and fresh salsa.

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Buckle up Wrigglers, we're in for a crazy one! We all have those cravings for something burgery, hot doggy or wrappy from time to time... Well, lucky for us, the awesome guys at the Pipeline have our backs! Thier 100% vegan menu hosts house favourites such as the Joan Jett with mock Southern Fried Chicken. The Suzi Quatro is a beef style burger with melted blue cheese, rashers, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles and V Kitchen's signature burger sauce and the Debbie Harry comes with beef style burger, peanut butter, English mustard, lettuce, tomato and pickles.

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This leviathan of a boozer on the corner of North Laine does a ridonkulously satisfying vegan burger. The Madras Burger comes with a chickpea and sweet potato madras patty, avocado, vegan mayo, tomato and mango kimchi. Pair with a cloudy IPA and send your taste-buds to flavour town.

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This cosy, doggo friendly cafe boast a 100% vegan menu and serve up super wholesome brekkies, lunches, puds and even Sunday roasts, but let’s get down to the good stuff. It’s all about the burgers, there’s 6 to choose from but we wanna tell you about the House BBQ burger - a Seitan 1⁄4 pounder with melted vegan cheese, streaky rasher, Ryan’s tangy BBQ sauce, caramelised red onions and pickles.

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Like the Mash Tun boozer it calls home, Burger Kult’s wares are lively, juicy and dripping with good humour. It's new addition to the menu, SwitchBlade, is a plant based dream come true - Grilled tofu, Chilli orange hoisin, Glazed kimchi, Vegan cheese, Sriracha slaw and a Sugar glazed bap. Pair with a pint and devour. A friendly, informal bite in the heart of town.

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This Kemptown gastropub dish up some top-drawer pub grub, and our personal highlight of course is, the dang tasty vegan burger. A spiced bean burger with chilli jam and jalapenos with a side of epic chunky chips. We could eat this beauty ALL DAY. They have been known to whip out a vegan special every now and again too, so keep an eye on their Facebook page for seasonal specials.

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Prepared by two of the biggest characters on the Brighton burger scene, the vegan option has a patty made from butternut squash, sweet potato, broccoli, baby sweetcorn and chestnut mushrooms, topped with roasted peppers, wild rocket, caramelised onions, salsa and vegan mayo. The burgers at this North Laine institution are justifiably world famous. Genuinely; not too long ago they were voted the best burger restaurant in the UK according to TripAdvisor. Bro!

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The Loving Hut are on a mission to make the world a greener place, and they’re doing that with their totally plant based menu. It’s a cheerful little vegan cafe in the North Laine that you’ll find every type of Brightonian has a fondness for. Tasty vegan burgers adorn the menu such as the The Big V Deluxe, The Ocean Burger and the Smoky BBQ.

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A trip across America introduced the soon-to-be owners of The New Club to the best of US diner culture, where ordinary, honest food using top quality ingredients - made from scratch with care - became a call to action. Having found their ideal (and derelict at the time) space with iconic views along the Brighton seafront in 2012, The New Club has blossomed into a well known burger, brunch, beer, coffee (Union) and all-things-US style favourite for tourists and locals alike. Their 'Green Burger' comes with a butternut squash, coconut and cashew fritter, red pepper ketchup, rocket and caramelised onion.

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A class act of a spot, definitely the pick of the watering holes on the main seafront drag. Inside is done out like a cave, full of secluded nooks and crannies to get romantic in (or plan your next smuggling mission: no judgement here). The frontage boasts plenty of pretty picnic tables and peerless access to the beach and twinkling horizon, with a dedicated outside bar when the weather’s nice. Food-wise, Tempest’s recently conceived ‘Crab Claw’ menu is to die for; We love the Jack Tree burger with pulled jackfruit, hoisin sauce, cucumber and spring onions. The Heil Seitan is another popular vegan option with a seitan patty, dill pickles, lettuce, tomato and vegan mayo.

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Lurking within the arches of Trafalgar Street is a little pantry belonging to a troll. We don’t know that for sure because we can’t prove the existence of trolls, but we’ve also not found another human flipping burgers quite like these ones. The troll has recently launched his first vegan burger. A seasonal vegetable, organic fava bean and nut patty comes topped with a slice of pink beef tomato, hemp mayonnaise, wild garlic pesto and rests on a bed of seasonal leaf salad. Head down to the arches and give Freja’s Lament a whirl.

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Big Ugly Kitchen is the new, tasty act behind Sidewinders kitchen, serving incredible burgers, hot dogs, vegan delights, small plates and some pretty epic Sunday Roasts.

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Yes, that’s right, Brighton has its very own gaming cafe — right on the beach! One of the Loading Bar group, Loading Brighton is the place to go if you fancy a coffee, a piece of cake, a quick gaming sesh and a great view. With four 4K screens, old consoles, vintage arcades, and a huge selection of board games, there’s something for everyone. They’ve racked up over 120 board games on their shelves, so that you can settle in with something from their collection of modern classics, quick party favourites or afternoon killers.

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Published -1st January 2020