To say Brighton has a myriad of amazing burger restaurants would be a gross understatement. With various award-winning venues on our doorstep, you'd be hard-pressed to find a higher concentration of quality establishments in the UK. 

But which are the best? We put on our loosest trousers and prepared ourselves to create the definitive Brighton guide. This list is the fruit of our labour. Let us take you on a culinary journey of our favourite burgers served at Brighton restaurants.

Lucky Beach

Lucky Beach has more than luck to thank for being rated as the UK's #3 best burger restaurant. This chic seafront venue takes inspiration from the laid-back culture of Australia, serving organic burgers as fresh as the Australian surf. Try the Sussex Shoehorn dry-aged beef patty, made with streaky bacon that snaps with a delicious crunch, squidged between swirls of melting cheese and fig jam - you'll be bowled over by the waves of flavour.

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Last year this smart Seven Dials eatery won the coveted ‘Best Burger’ award at Brighton & Hove’s annual food and drink awards. And with good reason. The meat itself is sourced from just up the road and the chips are triple cooked in beef dripping. Beyond the basics, bold fusions such as Manchego cheese, chorizo jam, roasted garlic mayonnaise, or scotch bonnet chilli sauce, pineapple salsa and Provolone cheese more than justify a hike up the hill.

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The Orange Buffalo

Joining in on the revamp of London Road, The Joker pub serves a heady mix of craft beer and a fun cocktails in the centre of Preston Circus. The Orange Buffalo team are a wicked addition to the kitchen, specialising in dirty food done (so) right. The award-winning wings are made for hangovers; juicy melting chicken meat wrapped in a thick breadcrumbs and deep-fried. Follow on with a salt beef patty drenched in mounds of dripping blue cheese for ultimate salt-isfaction.

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Iceberger is one of the latest places proving that fresh ingredients and quality cooking can produce fast-food as we've never known it. Since commencing their burger flipping quest in 2015, Iceberger have settled into Regent Street like they never left the streets of Brighton. The menu is exciting, and the burgers are comprised of innovative ingredients such as beef patty, cheese, thick curry sauce, crushed poppadom, salad and mayo, at affordable prices.

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Don't let the unassuming exterior of Neighbourhood fool you. The minimal design of its frontier gives way to a super-hip interior of pop art murals and a mis-match of contemporary and vintage furniture. Situated along the vibrant St James Street, Neighbourhood has set itself apart from its competitors and drawn a mixed crowd from all over the city. While the inside space emulates the intimate, dark surrounds of a Brooklyn dive bar, the spacious garden with plush white sofas and towering palm trees transport you to present day Ibiza. To top it all off, the burgers are banging and the drinks cabinet is fresh. Bloody Marys and smoked barbecue beef all round!

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Burger Brothers

Once upon a time, two bold brothers introduced Brighton to 'Britain's Best Burger'. This is no hyperbole, no far-fetched claim based on our own experience of Burger Brothers. This is fact, as decided in a highly regarded championship and awarded by serial burger fanatic Gavin Lucas (otherwise known as Burgerac). Burger Brothers have hit high notes since day one, promising every diner a trip to burger heaven. This place is a foodie's must-try experience in Brighton, found inside a simple burger bar. The menu changes regularly, and is so rich in delicious description that we can't repeat it here. We will leave you with a taste of their famous Benneton Burger. An offbeat mix of thick beef, Tuxford & Tebbut Blue Stilton, juicy Portobello mushroom, super-thin chorizo, wasabi mayo and caramalised onions, expect taste explosion overload.

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Working out of a modest shack by Trafalgar Street arches, the Trollburger team is so confident they named their biggest seller ‘Stinky Breath’; organic beef, special sauce, St Giles cheese, home-made pickles and lettuce on brioche. Moist, hunky, moreish and magnificent, all burgers are seasonal, organic, locally sourced and ethically conscious. People literally travel from miles around for a trolling, Wednesday-Saturday from midday-9pm.

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Busby and Wilds

Salve your burger craving in the refined setting of this chic Kemptown gastropub, named after the architectural duo who laid out much of Brighton. Tuesday is burger night, and for a mere £14, you can sink a pint and nosh juicy patties in perfectly-toasted brioche (with thick-as-your-forearm chips on the side). The classic burger is ace, or if you’re craving more of a chilli-kick, the 'Firestarter' is piquant without being overwhelming. A serving of slaw as-standard means your portion size is never measly. And you can kid yourself you’re getting your five-a-day.

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Sidekick Kitchen

Well-situated in the buzzing downtown Mash Tun pub, Sidekick Kitchen dishes food from an animated menu that is lively, juicy and dripping with colour. The Fuzzy Knight is a fiery ball of fury combining applewood sauce-topped beef patty with shredded beef brisket, 'angry' Korean sauce and onion rings. The Harley Quinn is pure veggie delight, a moist mountain of beetroot, mozzarella and butter bean risotto with Stinking Bishop, pan-fried peppers and apple ale chutney. The deeeelish beef brisket can be added as extra, and meat is served medium rare as standard (obvs).

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Naughty Patties @ Caroline of Brunswick

Naughty by name, naughty by nature, so they say. While they’ve barely been open a year, Naughty Pattie’s kitchen in the Caroline of Brunswick pub has had tongues wagging all over town. As befits the agreeably gritty setting, the burgers are boldly flavoured – try the ‘Go to Hell’ with piquant ‘rocket fuel’ American cheese. They also go big on chicken; ‘What a Jerk’ is a frankly ludicrously-sized breast fillet slathered in spicy jerk sauce. Veggie options are available too, as well as perrrfect triple-cooked fries. Ideal for soaking up the atmosphere (and the booze).

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Published -15th February 2017