To say Brighton has a myriad of amazing burger restaurants would be a gross understatement. With various award-winning venues on our doorstep, you'd be hard-pressed to find a higher concentration of quality establishments in the UK. 

But which are the best? We put on our loosest trousers and prepared ourselves to create the definitive Brighton guide. This list is the fruit of our labour. Let us take you on a culinary journey of our favourite burgers served at Brighton restaurants

Not partial to meat? We've got a run down of the best veggie or vegan burgers in town too. 

Wolfsmouth are hitting their second burger menu at London Road favourite, The World’s End. Unlike their sister burger pop-up, the burgers here will have a heavy weighting towards vegan and vegetarian burgers and snacks. Their plant based delights are just as delicious as their meaty counterparts and the homemade seitan has a big part to play. Using their extensive experience, knowledge and open-thinking, Wolfsmouth focus on ingredients which are often overlooked and strive to make them extraordinary.

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Winners of Bravo Brighton's Best Pub Grub are laying the smack-down with their fiery Buffalo wings and proper banging burgers, bringing the tastes of New York to Brighton. Grab a table, or the railway carriage-style booth, and start working your way through the menu centred around two main offerings – wings and signature ‘sandwiches’. When it comes to the wings, tailor your choice with one of the four house sauces from the Wendy original buffalo to the smoking hot Shadow (over 18's only) or choose from one of the week's guest sauces. There’s a Buffalo chicken sandwich smothered in swiss and blue cheese dressing with your name on it, too.

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Working out of a modest shack by Trafalgar Street arches, the Trollburger team is so confident they named their biggest seller ‘Stinky Breath’; organic beef, special sauce, St Giles cheese, home-made pickles and lettuce on brioche. Moist, hunky, moreish and magnificent, all burgers are seasonal, organic, locally sourced and ethically conscious. People literally travel from miles around for a trolling, Wednesday-Saturday from midday-9pm.

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Welcoming one of the newest additions to Brighton's food and drink scene, The Bok Shop. A brand new gourmet fried chicken and vegan faux chicken restaurant sat on the corner of East Street. Try their innovative chicken burgers such as 'The Hot as Cluck' or 'The Satay Night Fever' or make it vegan easily with vegan chicken, mayo, and cheese. Load up on their range of tasty homemade sides, dips, and crispy chicken/cauliflower pieces too. Their 'All You Can Eat - Wing Wednesday' is well worth checking out with a group of hungry mates as well.

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The incredible Humble Kitchen is back at Bison, with their own special brand of delectable campfire cooking. What does this mean, we hear you cry? Well, Humble Kitchen wants you to enjoy great food and good times with people in a "back to grassroots" environment. You can expect great, humble food served with love. Two of our favourite burgers are the mighty meaty 5.5oz beef burger made with bone marrow butter, beef fat mayo, Swiss cheese and pickles, all sandwiched between Humble’s signature pretzel bun. Or opt for their epic Korean Chicken burger - Fried chicken thigh, Korean hot sauce, crunchy kimchi slaw, pickles and mayo. Both equally decadent, both equally delicious.

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Once upon a time, two bold brothers introduced Brighton to 'Britain's Best Burger'. This is no hyperbole, no far-fetched claim based on our own experience of Burger Brothers. This is fact, as decided in a highly regarded championship and awarded by serial burger fanatic Gavin Lucas (otherwise known as Burgerac). Burger Brothers have hit high notes since day one, promising every diner a trip to burger heaven. This place is a foodie's must-try experience in Brighton, found inside a simple burger bar. The menu changes regularly, and is so rich in delicious description that we can't repeat it here. We will leave you with a taste of their famous Benneton Burger. An offbeat mix of thick beef, Tuxford & Tebbut Blue Stilton, juicy Portobello mushroom, super-thin chorizo, wasabi mayo and caramalised onions, expect taste explosion overload.

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Over at the fantastic BLOCK. you can treat yourself to the slap-up burger feast that you deserve. Their gloriously tempting selection includes The Block Beef, smoked Goodwood cheddar, Malbec onions, chimmichurri, aioli; The Chick, 9 spice coated buttermilk chicken breast, slaw; The big cheese halloumi, panko breadcrumb, chilli jam, sweet potato crisps; The Beet, beetroot patty, pickled red cabbage, sweet potato crisps and the Classic burger, tomato, onionion, frisse. What a cracking sounding menu, grab a burger and pop a squat in their award-winning beer garden.

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Forget your all to frequently seen hipster Burger Bars, Burger off serve up honest, decently priced big ol’ juicy burgers. It’s won over the hearts of Brightonians throughout the city and is a staple if you’re passing by the Brunswick area. You can grab a hearty bun for as little as £4, or stack em high with one of their signature towers, choose one from the menu or build your own. Wriggle’s favourite is the Blue Cheese. These bad boys of the Burger world are also hosts of one of Brighton’s most famous food challenges - the XXX Hot Chilli Challenge. Strictly for over 18’s only and a disclaimer must be signed first. Many chilli filled chops have attempted and failed including Brighton local Pete Bennett, are you brave enough to give it a go?

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A trip across America introduced the soon-to-be owners of The New Club to the best of US diner culture, where ordinary, honest food using top quality ingredients - made from scratch with care - became a call to action. Having found their ideal (and derelict at the time) space with iconic views along the Brighton seafront in 2012, The New Club has blossomed into a well known burger, brunch, beer, coffee (Union) and all-things-US style favourite for tourists and locals alike. Shortlist Magazine gave them 5* for their dirty burger - that’s all you need to know.

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Like the Mash Tun boozer it calls home, Burger Kult’s wares are lively, juicy and dripping with good humour. Pick from a revolving roster of towering confections –  from the classic Back-Flip Truck (maple bacon, melted cheese and mustard) to the Peanut Brittle Nymph with smashed roast peanuts, paprika mayo and shredded butter leaf. The blue-haired barlady (astutely) steered us towards Swamp Thing: a moist mountain of ground chuck beef, crayfish tails, ‘swamp sauce’ and red chill jam, on brioche natch. Fries, served in a plastic tumbler, are rich and appropriately fatty. Pair with a pint and devour. A friendly, informal bite in the heart of town.

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Salve your burger craving in the refined setting of this chic Kemptown gastropub, named after the architectural duo who laid out much of Brighton. Tuesday is burger night, and for a mere £14, you can sink a pint and nosh juicy patties in perfectly-toasted brioche (with thick-as-your-forearm chips on the side). The classic burger is ace, or if you’re craving more of a chilli-kick, the 'Firestarter' is piquant without being overwhelming. A serving of slaw as-standard means your portion size is never measly. And you can kid yourself you’re getting your five-a-day.

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A class act of a spot, definitely the pick of the watering holes on the main seafront drag. Inside is done out like a cave, full of secluded nooks and crannies to get romantic in (or plan your next smuggling mission: no judgement here). Food-wise, Tempest’s recently conceived ‘Crab Claw’ menu is to die for; The Cray Cray is a real Wriggle favourite, 6oz beef patty, crayfish, cheese, tomato, rocket and Marie rose sauce.

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Discreetly upmarket steakhouse specialising in 35-day dry-aged steaks in a refined yet unfussy setting. Tucked out of the way on quiet Boyce Street, there really isn’t a classier place in Brighton to sup on a Martini or wash down your fillet of rib-eye with a plump bottle of red. As you can imagine, a place that does steak real well also makes top-notch burgers. The Coal Shed's signature bun filler is their dry aged black Angus steak burger that comes with bourbon relish, lettuce and pickles. The only burger to bite if gourmet is your thing.

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Bringing you award-winning, sustainable food & drink from their weatherproof seafront venue, Lucky Beach were recently ranked #3 best burger restaurant in the UK, as well as best food by the sea. It's no surprise, as these burgers are sensational. Much of the produce is locally sourced, organic and sustainably-managed, and they even roast their coffee out of their own accredited Brighton Roastery.

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Published -23rd September 2019