Typically, my new year's resolutions don’t make it to February. For a few weeks, my body is a temple and the fridge is jam packed with fresh fruits and veggies. Alas, the charm soon wears off and I’m back at it again with a plate full of beige. This year things will be¹ different. I'm feeling driven and this sail still has plenty of wind in it². So, I decided to take a journey over to Church Road in Hove, after hearing about a new health cafe opening up recently, Body Fuel Cafe.

I’ve always been into fitness and eating well, but it’s hard to find really nutritious, healthy food that tastes great and doesn’t leave me hungry. I’ve opened Body Fuel Café for others who want to eat healthily without compromising on flavour, portion size or quality. 

Jason Tannenbaum - Owner

Visually, the café looks great. It’s airy, bright and has a crisp colour scheme of green white and blue, in keeping with the fresh theme, with seating for up to forty people.

Time to eat! I spent some time contemplating the menu. Both because I can’t even decide what shirt to wear of a morning, but also because of the wide range of tasty dishes on offer. There is a breakfast menu that has proven so popular, it is runs until 2pm with porridge, eggs - scrambled or poached on sourdough or rye and plenty of opportunities to pimp it up your own way.

As well as daily-changing hot dishes and soup, you can also enjoy a personalised salad for your lunch. This isn’t your typical garden salad either. First, you pick your base from a plethora of healthy options available such as sweet potato, quinoa or salad. Then, you add your protein i.e. chicken, steak, falafel or salmon, and top it off with six items from the counter and a dressing. If like me, you’d be there all day trying to decide on what to put in yours, they have well-balanced house salads too.

I recently had a bite to eat with the owner of a local pizzeria. He explained that the best way to know the quality of a pizza joint is to order the Margherita. There’s no hiding behind overpowering toppings or sauces, it's an unadulterated product. With that in mind, I opt to keep it simple and go for the avocado with fresh chilli and poached eggs on rye bread. Simple, but it didn’t disappoint. 

The eggs were poached to perfection on a bed of super smooth avocado. The rye bread tasted like it was fresh out of the oven. Warm with crispy crusts, nicely complimenting the cool avo. All in all, well presented, fresh and just what I needed to kickstart the day. I can definitely see myself coming back to check out the salads (never thought I'd say that). The homemade pancakes look delicious too. You can have these wholemeal, or with protein powder, if you looking for the extra boost.

One customer mentioned that he’d been in for breakfast and was already back in for lunch. It’s unsurprising they already have regulars. It’s fresh and healthy food, well placed amidst the many local gyms and fitness classes in the area. The popular Boxercise Bootcamp is right around the corner, The King Alfred Leisure Centre a few roads south of that, and The Float Spa is nearby too³.

It’s great to see Body Fuel Cafe already doing well. If body fuel like this isn’t enough to motivate me to stick to my resolutions, then I really am a lost cause! 

¹ Probably won't be.

² Must be the veggies.

³ I tried out floating therapy in Brighton for the first time recently. Review in the pipeline.

Published -17th January 2017