Brighton really does have it all, including a gargantuan cave of cheese, yes you heard right, an entire cafe with ripe, tangy cheese at the epicentre. Sounds grate doesn’t it?!

Voted 3rd best cheese counter for the UK two years running, La Cave à Fromage stock around 200 cheeses from around continental Europe and the UK, all sourced from farmers, small dairies and affineurs. As well as their large and super tasty selection of farmhouse, artisan cheeses and charcuterie, they pair their cheeses with top quality wines, champagnes and beers. 

First opening up shop in South Kensington in 2007, the shop went from strength to strength and in 2010 they quickly set their sights on ‘London by the sea’. Each day the cheese connoisseurs select six cheeses at their peak ripeness to serve with their artisanal bread and charcuterie. There are fresh salads (with added cheese of course) to munch on in the summer months, and raclette and fondue in the winter. 

The café is open everyday but Thursdays are exclusively reserved for expert cheese and wine tastings. Here are Wriggle we are self confessed cheese addicts and we can think of nothing better than whiling away an afternoon munching on some Normadic Camembert with a rich glass of red in hand. C’est la vie! 

Published -12th July 2018