The idea for Happy Maki was born after owner Anna returned from working on an organic black Tahitian pearl farm in French Polynesia. Inspired by the beautiful oceans she'd spent months working on, upon returning to the UK she researched marine issues further and came up with The Happy Maki concept. She aims to raise awareness of these issues and improve the appeal of veganism. 

But these vegan loving sushi addicts are helping save the world in more ways than one. For every sushi wrap bought from Happy Maki they donate 7p to Mary’s Meals, they provide life changing meals to some of the world’s poorest children, in turn helping them to gain an education and improve their own lives as well as their communities. So far they have provided 111,590 meals to hungry children.

Anna and her partner Ali are also doing their bit to tackle the destruction of forests in Haiti, Madagascar and Nepal by donating 8p to Eden - A reforestation project that helps to employ local villagers to plant millions of trees every year. There are surplus negative effects of deforestation including destruction of animals natural habitat, reduced water purification and minimised flooding defense which leads to erosion. Farmers can’t grow on unhealthy land and often have to leave their homes in search of alternative work, or resort to dangerous trades just to survive. The Eden Project provides the farmers with a decent income so they can provide for their families, and start to rebuild healthy forests once again. Happy Maki have so far helped to plant 66,466 trees. 

Founder Anna says ‘Myself and my partner Ali now have a message to spread and a real drive to do it well and deliciously. Happy Maki combines our passions for cooking, public health and marine conservation/ veganism into a complex and interlinking triad. Fish stocks and the marine environment have taken and are continuing to take a severe bashing due to our demands to have fish as a main protein source in our diet. It is our aim to raise awareness of ongoing marine issues and improve the appeal of veganism, giving people an option to eat truly sustainable sushi which is good for their bodies, good for the oceans ​and great for the taste buds.’

Having built up a great following doing the UK festival circuit, the Happy Maki team have decided to make Brighton their first home (and we're chuffed they did). Based just off East Street, in Pool Valley, they're making a name for themselves in the tastiest of ways. With delicious vegan sushi wraps and delectable sides, Happy Maki is already loved by all. Even the hardy meat eaters! 

We're big fans over at Wriggle and we've got an exclusive Happy Maki Experience for you and a mate, get involved and do your bit to save the world one tasty sushi wrap at a time. 

Published -15th August 2018