Whether you’re so hungry a regular meal just won’t do, or a glory-seeker looking for a new wall to affix your (albeit stuffed) face to, these food challenges will test you.

Wings Wednesday @ THE BOK SHOP

Every hump day from 6pm, head down to The Bok Shop for Wings Wednesday – an eating extravaganza of all-you-can-eat chicken wings for just £15. According to the fried chicken maestros’ winners wall, the number to beat is 66. Think you can down more of those bad boys? You know where to go.

72oz rump steak @ THE OLD BANK

How much do you love steak? The quickest way to find out is at The Old Bank in Kemptown, with their 72oz rump steak challenge. If you can sink the steak and chips in under 45 minutes, you get the meal free. If you fail, the foodie challenge will cost you £79.95 (although profits go to the Rockinghorse Appeal). The steaks have never been higher (sorrynotsorry).

XXX Chilli Burger @ BURGER OFF

Known for hospitalising two local newspaper journalists back in 2014, those wishing to take on the XXX Chilli Burger must sign a waiver before eating it. Measuring at 9.2 million on the Scoville heat scale, the burger claims to be the spiciest in the world, with those who have taken it on claiming it’s caused a number of savage side effects, including hyperventilation, hallucinations and a burning sensation lasting for days. Others are more able to shrug it off, so there may be more luck than skill involved in this one. Which begs one question: are you feeling lucky, punk?


With just a green chilli cheeseburger, a chilli dog and chilli cheese fries, at first glance this appears the easiest challenge in the city. But that’s where you’d be wrong, as the time limit on downing all three of these items is a measly 10 minutes! Those London Road beauties are also soon launching a Vegan Triple Chilli Challenge for the plant-based among you. Bow down to the chilli Gods for this one, you’re going to need it.

i360 Burger Challenge @ SMOKEY'S

A kilo and a half of beef, plus pulled pork, fries, onion rings and coleslaw await those willing to give Smokey’s i360 Burger Challenge a try. Simply put, it’s a monster of a burger, inspired by the tallest observation tower on the south coast (which will taunt you in the background). You’ve a full hour to attempt this one, reckon you can rise to the challenge?


Lost Boys Chicken are also launching a follow up to their ‘Duel’ challenge, with a new test of its diners’ tastebuds launching later this year. With previous eating challenges including the spiciest in chicken wings, this is definitely one for spicy food lovers to keep an eye out for.

Published -18th March 2019