Pakal Taco Bar now based at The Corner, offers a properly authentic Mexican dining experience that's bursting with fresh, zingy ingredients to make your palate dance and your feet want to join in, in celebration. 

A family-run restaurant, Pakal dishes up traditional dishes in the taquiza party style, where gorgeous fillings and dishes are prepared in advance, then served up inside soft corn tacos. The tacos are the perfect vessel for delivering these mouthwatering fillings straight to your mouth, and there's a luscious selection of freshly made side dishes to accompany things. It's vibrant, it's fun, and most importantly, it's tasty as hell. Taco all your friends and have a properly good feast (sorrynotsorry).

Now here's a proper Mexican feast. If you'd like the proper lingo, it's called a Paquete Pakal – a bundle of Pakal treats. Now you know. With this Wriggle, you'll be treated to a veritable mountain of tasty treats. 

Choose any three of their delicious soft corn-based tacos – the freshly made fillings are bursting with flavour – they're a real party in yo' mouth. Taco your pick from the following options – remember, you're allowed three!

Tacos de barbacoa: slow cooked lamb leg, Guadalajara style in a rich guajillo sauce

Tinga de pollo: shredded chicken breast in a smoky chipotle sauce

Papas con chorizo: rich, spicy chorizo with potatoes in a tomato sauce

Res en salsa verde: beef in a fresh, citrusy and tart tomatillo sauce.

Rajas con elote y crema: strips of poblano chilli with corn in crème fraiche (vegetarian)

Guiso de champiñones: mushrooms Mexican style (vegan)

Then, you'll also be treated to a taste of all of the side dishes (all vegan-friendly). You'll enjoy unbelievably moreish refried beans, creamy guacamole and refreshing pico de gallo - a fresh tomato salad. 

To top it all off, you'll be sipping on one of Pakal's legendary margaritas – crisp, boozy, and zingy as heck Maragarita cocktails – heavenly! 

Get the full Pakal Experience 

Grab 3x Tacos to Takeaway or Eat In 

Published -11th July 2018