Want to eat like a Prince but pay like a Pauper? For the next few Fridays, we're going to be unearthing hidden food & drink treasures from around Brighton and listing them here for you to snap up and scoff. 

This page will be updated with each week's treasures so make a bookmark and make sure to check back. 

Important: If you want to stand a better chance of claiming any of these Wriggles over the next 4 weeks, we recommend you're logged in to your Wriggle account and your payment details are up to date. You've only got the Wriggle once you've purchased it and every second counts!

Live Now: Loaded Crumpets and Tea for 2, £2 (Sold Out)

You can claim this Friday & Saturday: Something a little different for you now. Grab your nearest and dearest and enjoy four 'build your own' loaded crumpets between you, served with a pot of tea for two. Mix and match sweet and savoury toppings including simple classics like jam or choc nut spread, to more extravagant toppings such as red lentil pate (pictured), salmon, Sister Sarah Goats Cheese, sun blushed tomato, mackerel pate and plenty of others. A very limited number available each day this week.

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Live at 1.30pm: £1 Tommy Margarita @ Marwood (Sold Out)

It's Friday. The week is over. Round up your office gang and get down to Marwood to kickstart your weekend the right way. Pick up one of their unique Tommy’s Margarita cocktails for just £1. You'd be crazy to miss this one! Made with Altos Tequila, fresh line and agave syrup.

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Live at 2pm: Choice of 4 Course Tasting Menu & Wine Flight Pairing (For 2) @ The Set, £1 (Sold Out)

One very lucky Wriggler with their fingers quick off the draw will win a decadent tasting menu experience from The Set, for two people, for just £1. The meal will include your choice of four-course tasting menus using the highest quality seasonal ingredients from local suppliers. The meal will include a paired wine flight experience expertly picked by The Set team.Massive thanks to the team at The Set for helping us provide such a great prize! 

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Live at 2.30pm: Vegan Sushi Burrito @ Happy Maki, £1 (Sold Out)

You can claim this on Sunday: Here's a tasty bit of loot from Wriggle faves, Happy Maki. Pick up any of their awesome vegan sushi burritos for just £1!

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Live at 3pm: Vegan Mac & Cheese @ Cafe Trafe, £1 (Sold Out)

You can claim this on Monday: You want to get a Wriggle on for this cracker from Café Trafé, it won't stick around for long. Pick up a portion of their hearty VEGAN Mac & Cheese for just a £1! Available to eat in or take away. Perfect with a touch of their daily changing winter salads.

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Live at 3.30pm: Tantalising Toasted Treat! @ Eten + Drinken (Sold Out)

You can claim this on Tuesday: We're nearing the final stretch of our treasure hunt, and we've got something a little different for you. Nearly everyone loves savoury toasties, but if you have an itch for something a bit naughty, indulge in one of Eten + Drinken's brand new sweet toasted treats, perfect for brekkie, with a coffee or just because you need it in your life. Click through to see their full menu and prepare to get very excited.

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Live at 4pm: The Original: Smokey Mountain @ Trollburger, £1.50 (Sold Out)

You can claim this on Wednesday: Drumroll Please! After 5 years of patty flipping, onion frying and sauce creating from The Troll himself, this day has finally arrived. Your whole life has been a build-up to this moment. The burger that pioneered the Brighton burger revolution 5 years ago and paved the way for everything to come! The original, the one and only Smokey Mountain!This organic beef patty is freshly ground by the Troll and is topped with a generous helping of rum BBQ sauce, smoked Ashdown cheese and onions fried in bacon fat, two rashers of proper free-range bacon from Sheffield Farms. All resting beautifully on top of a bed of crunchy little gem and homemade smoked garlic mayo!

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Live at 4.30pm: Kitgum's Vegan Rolex @ Kitgum Kitchen (The Mesmerist), £1 (Sold Out)

You can claim this on Thursday: The treasure hunt continues, and it's time for a Ugandan Speciality this lunchtime courtesy of Kitgum Kitchen. Pop in and pick up one of their signature Vegan Rolex wraps: A fresh Ugandan chappati with spiced potato, carrot pickle and tamarind chutney. Simply delicious!

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Published -20th October 2017