Taking the title for the UK’s first wood-fired vegan pizzeria, is Brighton’s very own Purezza! 

Founded in 2015, Purezza (meaning purity), revolutionised Italian food, and became the first pizzeria to solely use cruelty free ingredients. Those fussy Italians took over two years to develop their brown rice mozzarella, they claim it’s tastier than the real deal and less calorific too. The cheese fest doesn’t stop there either, there are raw cashew cheeses, a ricotta style cheese and a creamy coconut cheese. Now that's what cheese dreams are made of.

Now let’s talk about the base, they use a traditional family sourdough recipe but with an added Purezza twist. Each day the dough is made fresh with type 2 flour and matured for forty eight hours before being stretched and served. There’s even the option to switch to a hemp or gluten free base for an even healthier alternative. 

Their menu consists of exciting vegan pizzas such as the Parmigiana party (smoked mozzarella, fried aubergines, sliced sausages, topped with basil and nutritional yeast), Fumosa (smokey tomato base, chestnut mushrooms, smoked beet and fried tofu, topped with BBQ sauce) and One night in Bangkok (white base with stir fried vegetables, sprouted beans, sriracha sauce, topped with peanut sauce). 

If you’re still feeling munchy after all that, why not try one of their mouth watering vegan puds, the Tiramisu is calling out to you!

Published -13th July 2018