Breakfast is single-handedely the most important meal of the day. Because we want you to start your day right, we've hand picked 8 of the best breakfasts in Brighton for you to fill up on. From breakfast baps to Vegan Full English's, we've got everything you need to keep your hungry morning tum happy.

Of course, if you don't like any of these then there's plenty more breakfast goodies to search through. 

Start your day properly! Rashers of bacon in a roll (bap, batch, cob, morning roll, stottie, oggie), slathered in a sauce of your choice. Served with a hot cuppa - Tea, americano, latte, flat white, cappuccino... they've got you covered. Definitely one of the best Brighton breakfasts to get you through the day.

Read more about BREAKFAST BAP & TEA/COFFEE @ Hells Kitchen Hove, £3 (Mon-Fri)

How do you like your eggs in the morning? I like mine from Kooks. For those unfamiliar with the many egg variations, allow us to eggsplain: Benedict is Eggs with orange and maple glazed ham hock, sourdough toast & hollandaise sauce, Florentine is Eggs served with wilted spinach, sourdough toast & hollandaise sauce, and Royale is eggs with smoked salmon, sourdough toast & hollandaise sauce. All delicious options can be enjoyed with a mug of coffee.

Read more about SIGNATURE EGGS BRUNCH & COFFEE @ Kooks, £7 (Mon-Fri)

There are so many delicious breakfast options to be had at Lala's. Tuck into a wholesome Full English with egg, mushroom, bacon, sausage, potato hash, beans, tomato & toast. Or try the veggie breakfast with egg, mushroom, veggie sausage, potato hash, spinach, halloumi, beans, tomato & toast. Vegan option also available. If you fancy poached eggs on toast, why not top it with gammon, halloumi or smoked salmon?

Read more about FULL ENGLISH/VEGGIE BREAKFAST @ LaLa's Cafe, £6.50 (Mon-Fri)

Put a spring in your step, a smile on your face, and some much-needed caffeine in your bloodstream with this banging breakfast Wriggle, courtesy of the delightful team over at Phoenix Coffee House on London Road. With this Wriggle, you'll tuck into a hot and saucy bacon sandwich and wash it down with any medium coffee. Whether you're a latte lover or an Americano amigo; a flat white fiend or an espresso addict, Phoenix Coffee house has your back this morning.

Read more about BANGING BREAKFAST: BACON SANDWICH & COFFEE @ Phoenix Coffee House, £2.95 (Mon-Sat)

Wriggle your way over to Bagelman, Duke Street this morning and treat yourself to this indulgent breakfast bagel with any Small Batch coffee. You'll be grabbing a delicious breakfast bagel – complete with your choice of three fillings – choose between: Bacon, P,ork sausage, Veggie sausage, Hash browns, Mushrooms or Omelette. What better way to start your morning!

Read more about EARLY BIRD BREAKFAST BAGEL W/ THREE FILLINGS & COFFEE @ Bagelman, £4.99 (Mon-Sun)

Wriggle your way over to the beautifully picturesque little idyll that is Down to Earth Coffee, and treat yourself to this delicious AND nutritious smoothie. With this Wriggle, you'll choose any smoothie – all of them are packed with tasty and nutritious ingredients that'll give you a boost and get you set up nicely for the day.

Read more about A SUPER HEALTHY SMOOTHIE @ Down to Earth Coffee, £3 (Tues-Sun)

Ever been to a Cereal Cafe before? Thought not. Well, us lucky Brightonians have now got our very own Brighton Cereal Cafe – so prepare to go wild. All the cereals you could possibly dream of, as well as some you've never heard of, under one beautiful roof – oh yes. With this Wriggle, you will be tucking into your choice of any imported, UK or classic cereal, that's adorned with your choice of one additional topping – there's an absolutely bananas amount to choose from, including birthday cake frosting, lucky charm marshmallows, popping candy and more!

Read more about ANY IMPORTED, UK OR CLASSIC CEREAL & EXTRA TOPPING @ Brighton Cereal Cafe, £2.95 (Mon-Sat)

Grab yourself the ultimate collaboration Wriggle - you'll get a Combo Bowl from Brighton Cereal Cafe downstairs, plus a Sarnie from Cafe Trafe upstairs (choose either bacon, sausage, or veggie). These amazing cafes occupy the same spot on sunny Brighton's Trafalgar Street, making them the ultimate duo. These guys come together, so we think you should be able to enjoy them together. What's a Combo Bowl? Well, they're a perfectly concocted cereal medley with some exciting toppings thrown into the mix (they're pretty revolutionary). As for your Sarnie, choose from smokey, crispy Bacon - a classic, delicious Sausage, or flavour-packed Veggie - our favourite.

Read more about COMBO CEREAL BOWL & BREAKFAST SARNIE @ Cafe Trafe x Brighton Cereal Cafe, £5.95 (Mon-Sat)

Published -22nd June 2018