Sod breakfast – dessert is the most important meal of the day. In Brighton we have some of the greatest chefs around, all eager to round off their peerless creations with a rush of sweet sugary virtuosity. Here’s Wriggle’s sweetest seven….

Molten Chocolate Pudding @ FOOD FOR FRIENDS 

Get your laughing tackle around this sumptuous, luxuriant confection adorned with strawberries, crushed pistachios and salted caramel sauce. And it’s gluten free #goals

Rum Bear Jelly @ 64 DEGREES

We know what you’re thinking – It’s just a posh jelly baby. Indeed. BUT WITH BOOZE IN IT!!! And a tangy dusting of sherbet. Relive those infant school sugar rushes as you charge home through the Lanes. 

Stout Cake @ Ginger Dog

A very grown-up way to round of a meal in this prince of Kemptown pubs – enjoy with malt ice cream and treacle caramel. Fancy foodies can even box ‘stout gel’ off on their list of 2017 must-tries. 

Macaroon and berry cake @ SIX

Normally only reserved for when it’s your birthday. So just lie and say it’s your birthday today. Sugary, colourful, totes Instagrammable and full of berries (so it’s definitely one of your five-a-day!)

Almond panna cotta with rhubarb sorbet @ Coal Shed

Round off your perfect steak at with this deft balance of textures and flavour –the tart sorbet is set off beautifully by crunchy candied aliments and dense, satisfying panna cotta.

Homemade Eton Mess Marshmallow @ Metrodeco

Tuck into a fruity Eton Mess at this lively Kemptown corner speakeasy. Home-made marshmallows certainly sound like they’re better for you than the regular kind. So let’s go with that. 

Pistachio ice cream @ Boho Gelato

Who says dessert actually has to follow a meal? You’re a grown up, and you can eat two scoops of outrageously good pistachio ice cream at 11am if you damn well please. 

Published -23rd May 2017