The Six Nations is back, and with it a heady cocktail of armchair punditry, shouty patriotism and bone-crunching violence. 

Such an intoxicating experience is naturally best savoured in the company of other tipsy ne’er do wells – so we picked the seven best Brighton and Hove boozers to catch every second of the action.

Get out there and join the scrum…

Catch a match at the Brighton Bierhaus this rugby season. This awesome 200 year old Kemptown pub are hosting beer and sports nights for all your scrummy needs. Head down, grab a freshly brewed pint and a slice of the action. 

161 Edward St, BN2 0JB

This raucous mock-tudor barn really comes into its own during big sporting occasions, thanks to its vast bar, wide screens and cavernous interior. Big groups more than welcome, so long as you behave yourselves on the door. 

13-17 Marlborough Pl, BN1 1UB

Affectionately nicknamed ‘The Eddy’, this welcoming neighbourhood spot just around the corner from the station is showing all the fixtures, and is happy to serve top-notch grub (including vegan options, ‘cos Brighton) as you cheer on your side and neck lovely local ales. 

67 Upper Gloucester Rd, BN1 3LQ

They take rugby seriously at the Welly, and pledge that even if a big football match clashes with the Six Nations the rugger gets priority. Show up early and stake out a spot in front of their giant 50” screen, or near the five other screens dotted about this warm welcoming boozer. 

70 Upper Gloucester Rd, BN1 3LQ

This labyrinthine curiosity, tucked away in the backstreets near the border of Hove, might not have the biggest screens. But for a strikingly unusual setting, surrounded by cool knick-knacks, plus a quirky vibe and by far the best food of any ‘sports’ bar, this is one lobster that’s well worth snapping up.

24 Sillwood St, BN1 2PS

A solid all rounder in terms of size, selection and screens, this mammoth alehouse is large enough to get agreeably rowdy in, hipster enough to show off to your snooty London mates, and sports-friendly enough to know that size matters when it comes to four giant projector screens. 

27 Gloucester Pl, BN1 4AA

We all know the FE is your classic lively Irish bar, with awesome friendly staff, top-class beer and a street-party vibe. What may well have escaped your attention, however, is that a certain England vs Ireland fixture is taking place on March 17. Why does that date sound familiar? Oh yeah. St Patrick’s day. (And it’s on a Saturday this year. You’re welcome, Brighton.)

11-12 Boyce's St, BN1 1AN

Published -19th February 2019