The extremely parched Andy Hill has endeavoured to see us through dry January without a whiff of whisky. Here are his top tips for the battle of the booze. 

Our lovely hippy city by the seaside has a proud reputation for partying hard. Yes, we know how to handle our liquor – which is probably why we boast more decent bars per head of population than any other UK town.

Paradoxically, we’re also a famously health-conscious bunch, so you’re as likely to find us sipping smoothies after hot yoga as propping up the bar after a skinful in ‘spoons.

Plenty of your fellow Brightonians are doing Dry January – myself included! – but as the grey, windswept days drag on, we know, it gets harder and harder to be good.

So here’s a few of my favourite booze-free tipples, haunts and goody-goody going-out spots to get you through. 

Brighton’s favourite downtown cocktail spot also do a fine line in mocktails. Knowledgable, easy-on-the-eye staff can accommodate pretty much any request, so you still get to savour the flavour and look fabulous while you give your poor liver a well-earned break.

41 Middle St, BN1 1AL

Neck a mean virgin Mary with wasabi, soy and sriracha hot sauce. Or, if you fancy erring on the naughty side without fully committing to booze, go for the Bloody Marley with jerk seasoning, or the barman’s signature Temperance Toddy laced with lemon, honey and cinnamon.

14 Black Lion St, BN1 1ND 

This rambling, 1930-style boozer in the Lanes has plenty of shadowy, conspiratorial nooks to hide out in – and a rotating menu of booze-free faves meaning you won’t even feel you’re missing out on the hard stuff. 

1-3 Prince Albert St, BN1 1HE

For something a little different, this kooky cafe-cum-dispensary serves smoothes, oils and supplements suffused with Guarana, a natural energy-boosting product from the Amazon rainforest that’s renowned for its healthy properties. The room upstairs is always a great laugh and full of friendly buzzing folk.

36 Sydney St, BN1 4EP

This chic modern spot just down from the library is date-night fancy, but if you’d prefer not to slur and make an ass of yourself, their special booze-free ‘name-drop’ (with strawberry syrup, apple juice, lemon and a toasted marshmallow) brew will keep you sharp. 

17 Jubilee St, BN1 1GE

Get down to the seafront and nosh a burger (still totally allowed) washed down with a fresh-fruit-based blackberry fizz. Or if you’re really fishing for those brownie points, Lucky Beach’s coconut cardamon chai is also proper lush (and totes ‘grammable).

183 Kings Rd, BN1 1NB

Published -2nd January 2019