Whether you want a beer garden with fine foliage, heated booths, outdoor bars or seafront views we’ve got them all. Dayum we’re lucky to live in Brighton with this lot on our doorstep. 

Here are Wriggle’s favourite alfresco supping spots. Don't forget to check out our selection of alfresco restaurants too. 

The massive garden at this award-winning pub is universally acknowledged to be the best in Brighton, if not the UK. That, plus around-the-clock party vibes, killer DJs, beautiful murals and top-quality grub mean if you can bag a seat on a scorching day you’re on to a winner. 

Brighton is blessed with the finest sunsets in the country, and there’s nowhere better to settle with a bottle of white than the roof patio of this Hanover gem. Yes, it’s a bit of a slog up the hill, but that makes it all the more special when you nab that prime spot and grab a profile-worthy selfie with pink clouds and our unmistakable skyline behind you

Smart, contemporary, grown-up space with climbing plants, palm trees and ample awning for shade. Hove Place do a nice line in modern British cooking and normally 2-3 ciders on tap. Perfect basically, so if you get a good table don’t shift until the leaves change colour.

Boasting not one but two (count ‘em) gardens, this nifty Kemptown spot has plenty of room for you and your chums to spread out on chatty circular tables or in secluded, ivy-strewn booths. Regular BBQs and DJ’s play all summer, fairy lights keep the party electric and the spot-on street art dotted around is the definition of instagrammable.

The Park View do Al Fresco the besto. Situated slightly out of the town centre, down next to our awesome Preston Park this locals pub is extremely popular in the summer months due to its gigantic beer garden. Pop along for a secco or two in the sun, just don’t forget the factor 50. 

Loads of beachfront bars play banging tunes and serve a decent burger. Ohso most assuredly has the edge though, because it’s that little bit more secluded and off the main drag. Meaning you’re less likely to be stuck in the bar queue behind a grouchy sunburnt hen party. You’re welcome.

Another front patio jobby in the centre of town. The atmosphere at Mash Tun gets very convivial on a sunny weekend when everyone’s a few beers in, plus you get the added bonus of Burger Kult’s ridonkulously juicy meat on the menu.

A hundred feet long and a year-round sun trap, the garden at this beloved Brooklyn-style dive bar boasts photogenic neon furniture, colourful murals, artful sculpture and the hottest young patrons this side of Williamsburg, NYC.

This labyrinthine boozer boasts enough nooks and crannies to keep you exploring for days. The crowning glory, at this time of year, is the two-storey rooftop terrace complete with hanging baskets, big TV for sports and a handy hatch to order at the bar. So you needn’t miss a second of precious sunshine. Cheers!

This bedecked beer garden has plenty of tucked-away benches for a conspiratorial natter, or picnic benches out front suit those who like to watch the (resolutely non-touristy) world go by. A big enough boozy garden for you and your hoard of mates so get the G&T's in and while away an afternoon in this tropical oasis.  

Hidden over the other side of London Road station is one of the best beer gardens in Brighton. In the summer it's a foliage filled sun trap and it in winter it's mega cosy with heated booths and snuggle blankets, for those that like to gander at the stars. 

Discreetly situated ‘twixt Church Street and the sea, this sizeable boozer is friendly enough to be buzzing, but far enough from the hordes you’ll never be sat by some idiot dressed as Super Mario. They've recently refurbed their garden, and it is AWESOME, grass, benches and cosy booths. It'd be rude not to! 

This luscious rooftop beer garden is hidden from plain sight, but once you find this boozy oasis you’ll never want to leave. Nestled next to the Nightingale Rooms the garden is filled with tropical coloured furniture and adorned with vibrant foliage. 

A class act of a spot, definitely the pick of the watering holes on the main seafront drag. The frontage boasts plenty of pretty picnic tables and peerless access to the beach and twinkling horizon, with a dedicated outside bar when the weather’s nice. 

A real corker of a pub over on London Road also dons one of the city’s most epic beer gardens. The Hare & Hounds dish out tasty craft brews, have a solid, brand new vegan menu and you can relish all this in one of their leafy, wooden booths out back. 

Standing on the humble grounds of its predecessor Audio, Patterns boasts a wonderfully redesigned bar, club and sea-facing terrace. With different cuisines popping up on their recently refitted terrace all Summer, and an array of cocktails, wines, craft & world beers available, you'll want for nothing at this popular seafront venue! 

The Signalman’s secret beer garden is well worth a visit. One of the largest in this fine town and it catches the sun all the live long day. Get a round of cold ones in from the bar and settle in for a sun soaking afternoon in this heavenly green booze haven. 

Those sneaky snakes over at The Mesmerist have a secret roof terrace would you believe it?! ‘The Luna Deck’ flaunts its very own cocktail bar, perfect for those long summer nights and the heady heights of Brighton’s delights. 

The Walrus is home to a pretty spesh roof garden. Two stories of botanical loveliness, complete with its own bar, dreamy. Perfect the days when you and the gang need somewhere you can while away the hours with a beer in one hand and suncream in the other. 

Published -16th April 2019