Yes yes, we have been crowned the most hipster city in the world. Which could be a good or bad thing (depending on who you ask), but as it’s based on the sheer number of independent shops we have in the city, let’s embrace it we say! 

Our street art clad, rainbow splattered, glitter-tastic indy shops are a bucket-list destination for thousands of tourists every year, and we just happen to be lucky enough to have them on our doorstep. So support your fellow Brighton brethren and shop local this Christmas. 

Controversially, we implore you to start your gift hunting down in London Road’s hidden treasure cave - The Open Market. Here you’ll find Brighton’s original zero waste store, Wastenot, Rainbow Organic Chocolates make the most gorgeous handcrafted artisanal choccies, and Green Valleys produce and stock unique honeys from all over the world. There are scores of other indies hidden in here, you’ll be amazed at the bountiful selection on offer.

From here, work your way toward the famous North Laine, but on the way stop into HISBE and browse their selection of locally produced supermarket goodies, the perfect bundles for the foodie fanatic in your life. 

The North Laine consists of over 300 independently owned shops in less than half a square mile, so we’ll give you the low-down on just a few of our favourites. The Brighton Chilli Shop produces and stocks all manner of spicy goodies and caters for the meek and mild and hot heads alike. Dave’s Comics on Sydney Street is the ultimate nerd-fest and a must for comic bookworms. 

For the quirky gift spend an hour or two poking about in the world’s greatest junk shop, Snoopers Paradise or head to Brighton’s very own Diagon Alley, aka Trafalgar Street to unearth more wizarding merch than you can throw a Bertie Bott at, in Oliver's

For your empowered gal pal, head to the newly opened Feminist Bookshop on North Street and pick up some lit, lit (sorrynotsorry). The original Veggie Shoe shop is world famous and the ONLY place you should buy your cruelty-free footwear this winter. 

Further down Gardner Street above Waiste Vintage you’ll find the dreamiest of plant shops - Spiderplant. As well as stocking an abundance of household favourites, they also garner a range of completely unique worldy plants you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. 

Home to Norman Cook, The Kooks, Passenger and Bonobobo, our hippy city by the sea breeds musical talent, so support its budgenoning baby drummers and duck into Brighton’s indy record shop, Resident.

Brimming with rare, limited edition pop art, graffiti and street art-inspired prints, Art Republic is the place to head when looking for your new home-time talking point. If some super cool, retro clothing is what you’re after, you’re in luck. To Be Worn Again and Dirty Harry are just two of our faves. 

When you’re ready to tackle The Lanes, jewellery is what you should be shopping for. Whether you’re hunting for THE ring, or a stylish watch for pops, Brighton’s former fishing quarter turned jewellery quarter is jam packed with independent jewellers stocking an impeccable selection. 

So there you have it, this is our guide to the best of indie shopping in Brighton. There are of course tons of other awesome businesses, so get out there and shop ‘em all!

Published -19th November 2019