Confident you could puzzle your way out of a locked room in under an hour with only a couple of friends to help you? Grab your most trusted (and smartest) companions and get signed up for one of Brighton's best escape rooms. 

What the heck are these, you ask? The concept is simple: solve a variety of puzzles placed in and around the room before your allotted time runs out. Each room has a different theme and stimulates all senses, demanding a variety of problem-solving skills.

These tricky rooms offer hands-on challenges that will have fans of 'The Crystal Maze' chomping at the bit. So, do you have what it takes? 

If you're after more exciting group activities we've got a fab round up here, or if rainy day activities are what you need, look no further

Unveil your inner Bonnie and Clyde by robbing one of Brighton’s oldest bank vaults. Will you be able to rob the vault of the world-renowned arms dealer, Charles Fawkley? Find out by heading to Escape The Vault by having an adventurous and one of a kind escape room experience. Assemble your group of bandits to a maximum of 4 people, or go on a solo mission if you feel brave enough. You'll have 40 minutes to get out before the boys in blue arrive. Don't worry, Terrance is your getaway driver and is there to help you if you need it – you'll be given his number in advance. So, do you have what it takes? 

Presuming Ed’s,115-116 London Road, Brighton, BN14LJ

Get ready to take on the challenge of Handmade Mysteries’ latest city adventure game, Operation Mindfall. Using a range of whizzy technology and gadgets, this 2-hour outdoor immersive experience lets you indulge that James Bond fantasy as you and your team of covert operatives must unlock clues hidden around the city. This pulse raising street game combines the best elements of Handmade Mysteries' twisted escape rooms with a classic treasure hunt, as you explore and discover some of the most interesting areas in Brighton. Will you be able to find the anti-virus in time to save the world?

The Walrus, 10 Ship St, Brighton, BN1 1AD

If you're looking for a hilariously entertaining activity to get stuck into, then call off the search – Handmade Mysteries are here with their twisted escape rooms, ready to transport you on a hilarious adventure of clue solving. You and your gang will attempt to escape the world as you know it, as you tackle exit rooms of mystery and some ludicrously twisted activities and puzzles to get through. It's a totally immersive escape room experience – expect a fun-fuelled and fiendishly challenging race against time, with a plethora of clues, contraptions and quizzical challenges that have been rigged for your pleasure and intrigue.

The Worlds End, 60-61, London Rd, Brighton BN1 4JE

Bewilder Box offer two equally-popular live immersive team experiences: The Bewilder Box Initiative and Judgement D.A.V.E. Featuring the talents of cult 80’s TV stars, Hugo Myatt (Treguard from Knightmare) and Norman Lovett, (Holly from Red Dwarf), these exciting games are perfect for groups of friends, families, stag or hen parties and team building events. Imagine if the Crystal Maze met Secret Cinema and you’ve got an idea of what to expect. 

The Bewilder Box Initiative - Hobgoblin, 31 York Place, Brighton, BN1 4GU

Judgement Dave - The Brunswick, 1 Holland Rd, Hove, BN3 1JF

The game is simple. You and your team are trapped inside a room and you have 60 minutes to escape. During that time you will have to work as a team and use a combination of logic, intuition and good old fashioned detective work to figure out the solution of how to escape. The current missions are Murder at the Pier, Wild West Bank Heist and Secret Agent - The Black Box. Escape Games are the perfect thing to do in Brighton on a rainy day.

21 Regency Square, Brighton, BN1 2FH

You have 60 minutes to solve a series of connected puzzles that build upon each other and will eventually lead you to your goal. These puzzles can require all sorts of skills that you may not even know you have. Such as logical thinking, observation, navigating, quick reactions, word association, colour identification, communication or simply counting the number of ladybirds on a teapot. Every puzzle solved is a step towards your goal, and every member of the team can contribute. Everything you need to complete the game can be found in the room. 

33 Upper North Street, Brighton, BN1 3FG

Published -24th June 2019