Let’s get one thing straight: plant-based food isn’t always virtuous. Far from it. And whether you’re a die-hard vegan or more of a vague-an, when the fried food and sugar cravings begin, sometimes the only thing to do is just get stuck in. 

Luckily for those needing a meat-free treat, Birmingham is home to a growing number of vegan junk food joints. From cakes and chips, to pizzas, burgers, and pancakes – whatever you’re after, these places are here to satisfy.

If you're after a slightly healthier plant-based affair, check out our guide to the top vegan-friendly restaurants in Brum. 

Run by duo Adam and Danielle, Dirty Kitch sling 100% vegan soul food all over town. From places like The Juke to Twisted Barrel Ale, Dirty Kitch crop up here, there and everywhere for pop-up events and residencies, bringing creative morsels with them in their wake. Their plant-based dishes are inspired by Southern American palates. Picture proper portions of corn dogs, deep fried pickles, lobsta rolls and dirty fries. Amongst our favourites, there’s the chick’n and waffles: the perfect sweet and savoury combo with extra-crispy deep fried seitan chicken-style pieces balanced on top of fresh flaxseed waffles, and finished with a drizzle of ‘butter’ maple syrup. You should also get your mitts on their BBQ burnt ends sandwich with pickles, mustard and red slaw; tender and packed full of flavour, these BBQ burnt ends put the real McCoy meat ones to shame.

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BA-HA is a 100% plant-based restaurant located at Churchills in The Mailbox. The fabulous lot at BA-HA have created twists on classic favourites as well as their own unique creations, catering not just for vegans, but everyone! BA-HA began in 2018 starting with pop up/ kitchen take overs. Since then these guys have worked tremendously hard to provide Birmingham with something special as a plant-based brand.

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This cosy coffee shop has two branches: one in the city centre and one in the Jewellery Quarter. Loved by vegans and non-vegans alike, 3 Threes serves excellent snacks and light bites including a vegan chilli dog, a vegan sausage roll, paninis, and sandwiches. Dairy-free hot drinks are just as tasty, along with their popular smoothies and milkshakes. Indulge that sweet tooth with Bakewell tarts, ice-cream, flapjacks, and cupcakes. All vegan. All terrific.

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Welcome to 21st Century pizza. @pizza are shaking things up with their iconic personalised doughy treats: you get the exact pizza that you want, the way you want it, when you want it. On the menu you'll find all the ingredients to compose your very own pizza, from the dough to the toppings - as many as you want, so you can go all in - and not forgetting the sauce and veganrella cheese: it truly is the pizza of your dreams. Bonus point: they won't even judge you if you pick pineapple. Crisp, clean, filled with flavour and free from artificial colours or flavours: that's what we call proper pizza.

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The beloved burger folk over at Kongs have created a veggie/vegan menu fit for a king of carbs. The ‘Southern Hippie’ is a masterly crafted patty and a real feast for the eyes: deep fried mushroom and fresh salad with vegan mayo dressing, topped with a slice of vegan cheese and smoky BBQ sauce. With these guys around you can forget all about your unappealing bean patties, they are ready and waiting to take you on a journey of meat-free discovery and taste-bud trip with big, juicy burgers crammed with exciting flavour combos.

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The food scene in Moseley has just kicked it up a notch, thanks to the introduction of Peacer - your new neighbourhood pizza shop. Inspired by New York pizza joints, Peacer serves a bountiful selection of pizzas by the slice. To ensure each slice offers something a little different, Peacer’s pizzas are made to meet flavour profiles, with cheesy, tangy, garlicky, smokey and spicy pizzas forming the basis of their operations. The toppings themselves are set to change regularly (with Southern spiced halloumi and hot honey being just a couple of ingredients featured) with every option 100% vegetarian and at least one vegan option on the cards.

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Sometimes, you just need a big ol’ plate of chips accompanied by something coated in batter. If you’re a vegan who’s ever peered into a chippy and wished it had less fish, beef, sausages and cheese, then The Veggie Chippy is for you. The UK’s first ever plant-based fish and chip shop replaces meat and fish with soy-based alternatives. It also serves vegan naans and pizzas topped with vegan cheese. If you’ve got a case of the munchies and you’re anywhere near Hockley, get involved.

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Vegan Munch is on a mission to make plant-based kebabs as succulent, juicy and flavourful as the real thing. Head to the Bristol Road for meat and dairy-free döner kebabs, schwarma, and other Turkish-inspired treats. Chow down on a vegan döner made from marinated soya pieces, with home-made sauce and salad. Or feast on ‘lamb’ shawarma, served in a wrap, filled with lettuce, gherkins, parsley, sumac and spiced red onion, topped with a homemade sauce of your choice.

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The menu here is stuffed with savoury and sweet delights in equal measure. Our favourites include the cashew burger, a mashup of cashews, mushrooms, beetroot and black beans, while scrambled turmeric tofu, spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes make the breakfast burrito a filling winner. Meanwhile, pancake-lovers can tuck into the triple stack, fresh strawberries and vegan whipped cream, or the (vegan) sausages, tofu and hash brown version, all drizzled with maple syrup. Scrumptious.

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Life is usually better when pizza is involved. So it’s great to see this vegetarian pizzeria has expanded from its flagship Handsworth restaurant to five other locations, two of which are in London. In all branches, Mr Singh’s offers the majority of its extensive menu as vegan options, ideal for those who love pizza without the animal products. Be a fake carnivore with the Vegetarian Meat Feast, including sausage, pepperoni and soya tandoori chicken. And if you like your pizza fiery, try the Vegetarian Hot, which tops veg with jalapeños and fresh green chillis.

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Based in a gorgeous Victorian building, Medicine was previously home to the Royal Society of Birmingham Artists. Staying true to its cultured roots, Medicine now hails itself as an artisan bakery, café and gallery. Spacious and flooded with natural light, this New Street gem specialises in handcrafted breads, cakes and pastries freshly baked onsite. While it’s not a vegan café per se, sweet-toothed vegans are well catered for with the likes of dairy-free brownies and sourdough doughnuts.

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Published -1st January 2020