Sod breakfast – dessert is the most important meal of the day. And there are so many joyous occasions to celebrate the humble pud this month. After being such a healthy little peanut throughout Jan, loosen those shackles and partake in Wriggle’s celebration of all things sugary. 

Every Tuesday for the month of February we’ll be releasing a feast of fat desserts for you to sink your hungry little gnashers into. These aren’t just any old desserts though, expect ice cream sandwiches, sweet rainbow vegan bao, dessert and wine flights, and dessert cocktails all from Birmingham’s best Indies. You, dear Wriggler, are in for a real treat. If sweet treats of the pancake kind are what you're after, check out our guide to Birmingham's top pancakes. 

Whenever you're in need of a sugar-bomb, properly yummy shake, uterly delicious stacked pancakes with cracking toppings or the sweetest of donuts, just pay a visit to the amazing guys at Stickie Fingers, right by the Custard Factory. All the pancakes are made from vegan batter and are generously topped with all the good stuff. We'll be honest, we can't decide which one is our fav between the Black Forest pancakes (chocolate pancakes topped with cherries, chocolate sauce and cream) or the traditional Canadian pancakes, topped with crispy bacon (or halloumi for a veggie alternative), blueberries and syrup. We told you: it's proper dreamy stuff we're talking about.

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Yield to your sugar craving and make your way over to Mockingbird Kitchen for a proper treat: it's delicious, oh-so-sweet and quite simply exactly what you need right now. With this Wriggle you'll be digging into a scoop of Yo Dough's famous Naked Dough - essentially, raw cookie dough - and two scoops of ice cream, the whole topped with crunchy Maltesers. What a treat!

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Serving everything from cookie dough pizzas to chocolate fondue, Pirlo’s is a New York loft style dessert lounge with an extra dollop of indulgence. Whether you’re a part-time sugar snacker or full time chocoholic, there’s something to soothe your craving. Open from midday to midnight so you can get your sugar fix at any time of the day. If it’s your first visit we recommend trying one of their bubble waffle cones filled with Ferrero rocher, Nutella and creamy gelato or for a more seasoned sweet tooth we’d say go for the cookie dough crepe - it’s rich, gooey and oh-so-naughty.

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Slap bang in the centre of Birmingham, you’ll find a cafe stirring up a storm of excitement - 3Threes Coffee Lounge. Unlike your usual lunchtime coffee spot and takeaway, 3Threes are bringing vegan and vegetarian food to the masses with their choice of plant-based eats. From vegan bakewell slices to unciorn cupcakes, there's always plenty of plant-based treats to give you that much needed afternoon sugar boost. They also make a cracking plant-based milkshake.

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Zindiya’s High Chai brings together Indian spices and flavours through not only the range of tea blends, such as masala chai, but with savoury and sweet dishes including homemade cardamom scones, seasonal macarons from Birmingham’s own Miss Macaroon and street food favourite – the Mumbai sandwich – soft white bread filled with a vibrant coriander and mint chutney, masala spices and layers of cucumber, onion and tomato. Their chilli and chocolate ice cream is a must try when visiting this Indian streatery.

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The Wilderness isn’t the sort of place to mess around. Run by the infamous chef Alex Claridge, this award-winning restaurant was built to push boundaries, with a vision to excite and provoke cemented into its very core. As you'd expect, the menu changes regularly but a house favourite is the milk and cookies - the picture speaks for itself. Another new pud going down a storm is the Passe pear with pain d'epice, sherry and shiso (mint).

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With a string of accolades, there are few award-winning quite as renowned as Adams. You name it, they’ve got it: a Michelin Star, three AA Rosettes, a score of 7 in the Good Food Guide, and 6 consecutive years of Travellers’ Choice awards. Which makes it a prime location for some first-rate puds. How about a chocolate and mushroom macaroon or a banana souffle? Humble ingredients elevated to an incredible level.

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The Caneat team has a class baker on its side (that's Jodie), who provides most of their sweet treats. Much like everything else on offer at Caneat, the cakes are a sight to behold: colourful and with a home-baked charm, each and every bite will remind your sweet tooth just how good life can get. All of the cakes we’ve sampled have been absolute belters, but the show-stopping Tiramasu and chewy brownies are right up there with our favourites.

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Founded by two pastry chefs with decades of experience between them, The Early Bird Bakery is a bakery with a difference. These guys really understand how to elevate humble ingredients and make them sing with flavour and colour. Their Banana, Pecan & Sea Salt Caramel cake is next-level and sells out most days so we recommend getting in early to sample a taste.

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LA-POP is a brand new handcrafted gelato lolly and coffee bar in the heart of Edgbaston. Each lolly is custom made to your particular preference, from the gelato to the chocolate dip and the all-important toppings. There’s tons of choice, from bubblegum gelato or vegan coconut gelato to smartie or lemon crunch toppings. The recent banana gelato has to be our favourite though, fruity, creamy and oh-so-delicious. What wacky creation can you come up with?

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The bubble milk and fruit teas at Twist come in a range of delicious flavours, as does the choice of toppings for their classic vanilla frozen yogurt. But the real star of the show is their famous Teriyaki. It’s a fish-shaped waffle stuffed with either frozen yogurt, fresh fruit or gooey chocolate. This is one of Japan’s most popular street food snacks and Twist is the only place serving it in all of the West Midlands.

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Caffé Chino is renowned for their luxury bespoke cakes, where each masterpiece is a combination of fabulous flavours and elaborate design. But they don’t just excel at the cake game, in their quaint cafe in the Arcadian centre you’ll find fresh juices, innovative and exotic bubble teas, gelato flower ice creams, decadent desserts, freshly made hot drinks and a selection of sweet and savoury Chinese buns.

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Artisan is the place to be after dinner, a chic dessert lounge for those looking to sample a mocktail or two whilst tucking into some heavenly cakes and puddings. Founded by former Great British Bake off contestant Ali Imdad, his aim was to create a dessert hot spot for those wanting high-quality products and experiences. The most famous dessert on offer is his melting chocolate dome. You need to see it to believe it.

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Dessert Lab is the go-to dessert parlour in Moseley Village. Take a seat in their 100 cover dessertery and settle in for a mind-blowing sugar rush. The menu consists of incredible treats such as Terry’s Chocolate Orange cookie dough, crumble aux pommes (apple crumble crepe), build-your-own cheesecakes and after eight sundaes. Milkshakes, mocktails, hot choccies, speciality teas and coffees are on offer too. Be warned, you may find yourself addicted to this sugar haven in to time at all, it happens to the best of us.

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Jam Jar offers a wide variety of hand-crafted waffles, crepes, cookie dough, sundaes and ‘back to school’ favourites including apple crumble, sticky toffee pudding and jam roly poly. Their gelato ice cream comes in a range of flavours including Nutella, cinnamon, peanut butter and raspberry and white chocolate, as well as the classics. It’s all made locally and exclusively for them, so you won’t get a nibble anywhere else.

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A coffee shop is like a home away, from home only this time you get to sit down, relax and take advantage of someone else doing all the hard work. Eis Cafe is a super cute cafe in Small Heath serving up some of the most incredible baked goods in town. From freshly pizza cookies to mouth-watering brownies, this coffee shop deserves your attention.

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Craft's progressive British offering is led by renowned chef Andrew Sheridan. Andy is joined by critically acclaimed local Pastry Chef Howing Lai and a further brigade of five, creating traditional British food with 20th century techniques and imagination. Expect to taste the unexpected and dine with childhood nostalgia and memories in mind. Some recent winning desserts were the carrot soufflé and rice pudding with apple and hay. Dining at Craft is an experience like no other.

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Flats Doughnuts aim to provide the world with fresh hot flat doughnuts in a range of flavours inspired by the desserts and classic flavour combinations of the world. Every Flats doughnuts is hand pulled and cooked to perfection ready to be topped and devoured hot. The best bit is, they’re entirely vegan. Expect toppings such as New York line cheesecake, Biscoff Bonanza and S’mores. You’ll find their street food van making regular appearances at Digbeth Dining Club and other street food festivals around the UK.

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The Bournville Waffle Company have traded at many of the UK’s best festivals and events, selling waffles with unusual toppings from their loving-restored and converted Mustang caravan. All the waffles are baked fresh to order, filling the air with an irresistible smell. The menu is playful and creative with toppings such as Kinder Bueno, Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Mars Ice cream and Eton Mess. You can find them regularly making an appearance at Digbeth Dining Club and other local festivals including their own - Seasonal Markets.

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Published -24th January 2020