How many Londoners can put their hand on their heart and say that they make the most of their city? Well, no one, of course. It’s impossible… unless you’re an eccentric millionaire insomniac with a very empty diary. Luckily, the award-winning Wriggle app is here to help you sniff out some delicious cultural truffles and explore a tiny bit more of what this incredible metropolis has to offer. From pop-ups to stand-ups, hot wings to frozen yoghurt, Wriggle will bring you exclusive opportunities at some of the best restaurants,pubs and cafes in your local area. However, you better get a Wriggle on, as these offers don’t hang around for long!


It’s no secret that London has the most vibrant and diverse culinary landscape on the planet and we’ve handpicked some of our favourite places to eat in London. Your pick of restaurants, pop-ups and street food vendors to bring you unique offers that will fill both your bellies and their tables. We care about food, and we love working with independent businesses who share our passion for well-sourced, quality nosh – whether it’s served on a white table-cloth or out of yesterday’s newspaper.


Whether it’s a morning mochaccino or a post-work pint, Wriggle will help you track down your nearest indie watering hole, where beverages are served with the love and care they deserve. There are over 7,000 pubs in the capital, so many that if you were to visit a different boozer everyday, you wouldn’t be done until 2033 - and probably with some serious health issues. So let us help your wallet and your liver by sharing with you our favourite cafés, bars and pubs.


Calling London ‘culturally rich’ is a bit like describing the Pacific as ‘a bit wet’. Living in one of the most diverse cities in the world, we’re often spoiled for choice and finding something to do at short notice can be as deflating as a bouncy castle at a hedgehog’s birthday party. Thankfully, Wriggle is here to offer you a great, last-minute discount at theatres, galleries and comedy clubs around the capital, seven days a week.

Our Ethos

We love London, and we also love the people who run the places that make our city what it is. We only choose to work with places that we love and we think you’ll love too, so help us celebrate the bold, the ethical, the hand-made and the home-grown. Our aim is to offer you the best that your local area has to offer and champion those whose lives are their jobs and whose jobs are their passion.

Top picture by Duncan Harris.