Wally's Deli & Kaffeehaus

38-46 Royal Arcade Cardiff, United Kingdom
029 2022 9265
Opening Times
Monday – Friday8.30am – 5.30pm
Saturday8.30am – 6pm
Sunday11am – 4pm


Why we love it

Established in 1981, Wally’s Delicatessen is known for its exciting range of imported international food products. From European meats and cheeses, to American chocolate and breakfast cereals, and Asian curry pastes and sundries, there’s something to suit all tastes at Wally’s. Don’t expect to leave here empty-handed; you’ll want to buy everything in sight.

Save some money for a coffee and an open sandwich (oh, and maybe a cream cake too) in the Vienesse-style Kaffeehause on the first floor, while you plan what to cook for dinner later using all those intriguing ingredients you’ve just splashed out on.

Wriggle Highlights

  • Wurst and Käse Aufschnitt
  • sausages, hams and cheeses served with balsamic onions, feta-stuffed peppers, artisan bread, olives and cheese biscuits
  • Eisenstadt
  • Black Forest ham, German salami, Cambazola cheese, salad, and gooseberry and coriander chutney on rye bread
  • Frikadellen and Frankfurter with Emmental cheese
  • Italian gelato sundaes

“Try Linz: a deliciously soft flatbread loaded with crispy green leaves, a fruity carrot and coriander salad, beetroot, avocado and grilled halloumi with peanuts and a spicy relish”

Steven Salamon – Owner

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