The Penylan Pantry

Opening Times
Tue – Sat9am – 6pm
Sun10am – 4pm

72 Kimberely road, Cardiff CF23 5DN
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Why we love it

This picturesque cafe, perched on the end of a leafy Victorian-terraced street, is a proper hidden gem. Healthy, fresh and sustainably sourced ingredients are used to create a mouth-watering menu of breakfasts, brunches and lunches, whilst local cheeses, chutneys and homemade cakes and breads are available on the deli counter all day long. There's also a daily selection of organic fruit and veg available to buy from the stall out-front.

The Penylan Pantry has a low food-waste ethos; in fact, up to 70% the menu is made up of items that would have otherwise become food waste; cauliflower leaves, beetroot leaves, broccoli stalks, carrot tops, celeriac tops and other lesser-known but perfectly delicious bits of veg go into their smoothies, soups and stews; bread is turned into breadcrumbs that coat the scotch eggs; and oils from the salad bar are used to brush bruschetta before toasting to make it extra tasty.


Try the healthy chocolate porridge, it's made with oat milk, cacao, toasted hazelnuts and maple syrup and it's absolutely delicious!