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Why we love it

Snap is our new favourite ticket to ride. A snazzy, innovative way to organise your intercity coach travel, exactly the way you want it, and at a price so low you could pay it with the shrapnel lurking at the bottom of your bag. What's not to love?

So, how does it work? Snap matches demand for intercity travel with the best drivers and coaches from the country’s top independent operators. You’ll be travelling in style; these are the companies that transport some of the UK’s top sporting teams and bands – people who really know luxury travel. These coaches put first class railway accommodation to shame. Tens of thousands have already discovered Snap and 9/10 online reviewers rate them 5-star...

So, what on earth has Snap got to do with Wriggle, a gaggle of greedy foodies who aim to help people discover delicious independent food and drink, we hear you cry? Well, Snap founder Thomas has just as strong feelings about independent coach travel as we do about independent food and drink. He explains that all too often, high quality, comfy independent coach services are being pushed out of business by the large multinational corporations which customers turn to automatically (you know the ones we mean...). Snap's aim? To use technology to change this habit, and push customers towards top-quality, hand-picked independent coach companies. Starting to see the similarities now?

Snap are eco-friendly, cost efficient, and support local, independent and family-run businesses. ¡Viva la revolution!