Riverside Sourdough @ Embassy Café

36 Cathays Terrace, Cardiff, CF24 4HX


Why we love it

Tucked away inside Cathays Community Centre lies Embassy Café, a little ray of sunshine. During the week, this is where Riverside Sourdough set up shop, baking their incredible artisan breads and serving up simple, nutritious and delicious whole foods from the café.

Simplicity is the name of the game at Riverside Sourdough, and, unsurprisingly, bread is the star of the show. The Riverside gang are of the firm conviction that bread should not simply be a background player in a meal; it has the potential to be the hero in its own right, and that's a manifesto that we can get on board with.

Riverside Sourdough take their time with their breads, avoiding artificial additives in favour of traditional, artisanal long-fermentation techniques. They use wholesome, organic ingredients, whose names we recognise and can actually pronounce, and they don't add dairy products or other fats in order to speed up the proving process. The result? Truly delicious, ethical bread which is big on flavour and low on unnecessary extras.

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