Purple Poppadom

Opening Times
Tuesday - Saturday5pm - 11 pm
Sunday1pm - 9pm

029 2022 0026
185a Cowbridge Coad East, Cardiff
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Why we love it

When someone gets round to writing a "the Big Book of Cardiff Curry", one name will be writ large. One man has changed the face of Indian dining in the city – take a bow Anand George. From his early days at Mint & Mustard to this elegant fine dining space in Canton, he has introduced the city to the flavours of Southern India: curry leaf, coconut, mustard seeds – this is a world away from your typical 'curry house'. They have taken the street-food scene by storm too, with their Tukka Tuk. With his first cookbook imminent, things are looking good for Purple Poppadom.


The warm welcome from maitre d' Raman
The elegant plating – get those Instagrams ready
Bombay chat, just make sure you eat it in one

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All of the food was tasty and fresh - I especially enjoyed the Saag Gosht. The meat they use in the curries is really good quality and cooked to perfection. Will definitely go back again!


Amazing food, big portions and good selection available from the deal menu.


The food is excellent. This deal is plenty to fill you up. We even took some home!


Purple Poppadom is our favourite restaurant, bus is always a bit too expensive for us so we would only go for special occasions. Becuase of Wriggle, we can make regular visits though, which is amazing! We love thatwe can have a big fancy dinner without paying a lot of money, and the service and food is exactly the same quality as when you're paying the 'full' price. Sundays are great too because it's nice and quiet. Will be back soon :)


Food was really tasty and good amounts of lean meet in the curries. Also the curries were not oily at all. Garlic naan was the highlight!


Absolutely delicious food.