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Opening Times
Mon - Thurs12pm - 12.30am
Fri - Sat12pm - 3am
Sun5pm - 12am

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Why we love it

A cornucopia of exceptional beer. A musical playground. A hall of merriment. As a pint-worthy destination, Porter's sets the bar pretty high. As a champion for regional artists and a bastion for left of field events, it's an almost peerless underground institution. Whether you're here for the pizza, the tunes or the Cardiff community vibe, there's an irresistible character to this venue that'll keep you coming back.

Punctuating the events schedule are Jam nights, stand-up comedy gatherings, open mic evenings and Bandaoke (a stroke of genius whereby anyone can be anointed as lead singer - and de facto rock god - in front of a real-life band). This means that the late-night focal point of Porter's is usually on the intimate corner stage, a brick & velvet-curtain lined area within touching distance of adjacent tables (which are always snugly assembled and always emanating friendly atmosphere).

There's a suitably eclectic "hideaway" aesthetic too (expect low-hanging lights, a smattering of framed pictures and a few reclaimed cinema seats), friendly staff and a carefully stocked bar. But we suspect it'll be the unexpected touches that really set Porter's apart for you, chief amongst which are a through-the-looking-glass-esque beer garden (complete with train-track flyover and vintage horse-derby arcade machine) and Cardiff's first pub theatre (the quite excellent "Other Room" which warrants a dedicated visit in its own right).

Wriggle Highlights

  • Beer, Pizza and a Saturday Night "Knees Up"
  • Challenge a friend to a flutter on the vintage mechanical horses
  • Discover how good critically acclaimed Pub Theatre can be

“The thought in mind when I opened Porter's was "I want to open the kind of bar I want to go to". A bar that was welcoming, lively and inclusive. A bar that did stuff, where you could be with like-minded people, feel valued and share in a genuine sense of belonging.”

Dan, Owner

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