Hard Lines & Vinyl

Hard Lines Coffee & Vinyl, Womanby St, Cardiff CF10 1BS
Opening Times
Monday - Friday8am - 5pm
Saturday10am - 6pm

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Why we love it?

As at-home in a location of their own as they always have been in the wild (well, organising brunch & music mornings for Swansea’s "Coffee Punks" or nailing eclectic vinyl takeovers at Brewdog), Hard Lines– Matt & Sophie's wondering bastion of specialty coffee and oh-so-groovy musical wax – is a very welcome permanent addition to the already fantastic Castle Emporium (a city centre hub for pop-ups, boutiques and feel-good independence).

Once inside, you'll find yourself enveloped with the aroma of freshly percolated single-origin beans (Extract's Dr. Stravgelove & Strongman Espressos come highly recommended by Wriggle) and a soft, rhythmic record player crackle. The chipboard caffeine station doubles up as a record cabinet, too, so - if you're anything like us - the prospect of flicking through a few EPs whilst waiting for your V60 to finish its dripping should be nothing short of irresistible.

It's a lo-fi treat for the senses, but - as you'll discover - Hard Lines are undeniably high-tec on coffee (provenance, proper process and a premium product are all of paramount importance). They've also got more mod-cons than you'd expect from your average castle – like seating for a ten-strong gaggle of coffee lovers or that newfangled wireless internet (for all you remote-working types). If you live a long way away, they'll even bring Hard Lines to you by means of a slightly ingenious bicycle vinyl delivery service.

Wriggle Highlights

  • B-sides, rarities, indie-gems and undisputed cult classics. You won't want to miss Hard Lines rotating selection of limited-run, top-draw vinyl
  • Spin your coffee right round with an aeropress filter
  • Pull up a pew, slowly sip away and find yourself nodding along approvingly to Sophie & Matt's tunes

“It's important to us to get people interested in coffee; how it's made, where it's from and how it should taste! Much the same with vinyl; we want to bring you the best in new and classic music from Wales and beyond... artists you know and artists you'll want to get to know.”

Matt & Sophie

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