Mount Fuji

St David’s Dewi Sant
Opening Times
Monday – Friday9.30am – 10pm
Saturday9.30am – 6pm
Sunday11am – 5pm


Why we love it

With a white curved roof and leather booth seating, the restaurant resembles a traditional Japanese bullet train. The wall of each booth is made to look like a train window, with an idyllic farming landscape visible in the distance. Owners, Andrew and Yoko Yamaguchi-Cooke chose this design in recognition of the bullet train that flies past their office in Shizuoaka, Japan (below Mount Fuji). And it’s not just the restaurant décor that reminds us of being in Japan; the food is authentic and varied, prepared fresh daily by a Japanese chef and served by Japanese waiting staff. Expect bento boxes, noodles, rice, sushi and curries, all washed down with a glass of traditional plum wine, sake or Japanese beer.

Wriggle Highlights

  • Plum wine
  • Chicken gyoza
  • Chicken teriyaki and tempura bento box
  • Matcha ice cream

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18 Jun
When it comes to grabbing some fresh nigiri in the Welsh capital, it’s not always obvious where to look. But fear not, Wriggle has your back.