Lufkin Coffee Roasters (Thompson's Park)

Opening Times
Wednesday - Saturday10am - 4pm
Sunday11am - 4pm

Thompson's Park, CF5 1FJ
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Why we love it

The name Lufkin originates from the word ‘love’: that pretty much says it all.

This site is the third addition to the Lufkin family, and it perfectly reflects what Lufkin Coffee Roasters are all about: warm and cosy spaces with out-of-this-world coffee.

This new guy is located in what they call "The Ol' Ranger's Hut", right in Thompson's Park, and it has it all: cosy ambience, the friendliest of staffs, and obviously great coffee. The team are small-batch roasters, so speciality grade, green arabica coffee is their thing. The roasting is done on-site by an unmissably beautiful bean machine, and then packaged in 250g bags for you to enjoy at home (or on your own intriguing travels).

Owners Dan and Frances drew their original inspiration for Lufkin from friends and farmers in Nicaragua, a Santa Barbara sunset, the still blue waters of Lake Tahoe and a magical trip through Wales. For most of us, Lake Tahoe and Nicaragua are half the world away - but, at Lufkin, that shouldn't really matter. The important thing here is stepping back, taking some time to enjoy a coffee roasted through inspiration, and rekindling some of your favourite memories in the most unique of surroundings.

Dan and Frances also prep their prime roasts for you to enjoy in-shop as espresso or filter, using the pour-over brewing method that they grew to love so much back in California. If you're looking to revel in the moment, you'll Lufkin this Wriggle hidden gem.