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Tuesday - Saturday12pm - 11pm

21 Glebe Street Penarth CF64 1EE
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Why we love it

"Keyif" means just finding a moment and to quietly live in that moment. It's the exact moment of relaxation while you're watching the cats on the street with Turkish tea and boyoz by your side on a serene Izmir morning...It's the feeling you get when you're out on a night with your friends for a glass of raki or two just to accompany your chatter...

Moving from a unique cultural movement such as this, Keyif has established "Keyif | Mediterranean Cuisine", embodying all these feelings. Their founder is originally from a Mediterranean gastronomical wonder of Turkey of Hatay so their restaurant has 'keyif' in its genes.

The menu is extensive and broad: consisting of a variety of Mediterranean treats - think hummus, falafel and tabbouleh, alongside with Turkish delicacies like 'Acili Ezme' and kebab varieties. With plenty of veggie and vegan options too, these dishes are perfect to grab a few off with some pals, and enjoy a leisurely feed - Keyif-style.


The cocktails
A super cozy and intimate atmosphere

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Lovely welcoming staff, we did have to wait a fair while (40 minutes) for a lunchtime meal. The staff were apologetic and rectified the issue by offering a dessert on the house. I am looking at going back again.


We enjoyed the restaurant. The servers were very friendly and Mehmet the manager was extremely chatty. Wiggle was new to them so they were a little unsure. Food was good quality and we enjoyed some wine.