Holy Yolks @ Cardiff Market

49 St Mary St, Cardiff, CF10 1AU
Opening Times
Monday - Friday11am-4pm

TakeawayCasual Dining££Street Food

Why we love it

What could be better than a proper scotch egg? Not much, in our humble opinion. That crisp, golden breadcrumbed exterior which yields to a thick layer of delicious, salty filling before giving way to perfectly cooked, oozing golden yolk... We're drooling just writing this...

In recent times, though, the standards have been raised, and there's been something of a revolution in what counts as a decent scotch egg. Gone are the days when a plastic wrapped supermarket specimen would satisfy our cravings; now we want gourmet fillings, quality meats and tip-top crispy exteriors. Holly Yolks are leading the revolution, raising the bar with their incredibly creative concoctions. Heavenly fillings crafted from the finest local produce have quickly earned Holly Yolks a stellar reputation, whilst the ooze factor on these bad boys is next level.

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26 Nov
From bargain lunchtime meal deals to runny yolked scotch eggs, curry feasts to kebabs, we've got it all. Grab yourself a Wriggle, save a few quid, and eat happy.