Handsome Jacks

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Wed - Sat4pm - 1am
Date NightsAfter Work ClubWeekendAlcohol

029 2037 2981
41 St Mary's Street, Cardiff, CF10 1AD
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Why we love it

For a masterfully mixed thirst quencher, the south end of Cardiff's St Mary's Street leaves most Wrigglers contemplating a liquid dilemma... Faced with a fistful of chain-bar options and harbouring a growing hankering for rarefied liquor and indie swagger, you'll quickly realise that these parts don't offer up an awful lot of variety. So, when the lamp-oil starts burning and day turns to dusk, we'd wager that you'll start looking for an escape from glitter ball facades, wall-to-ceiling autotune and nondescript pitchers of fluorescent fruit punch. Good idea - but where should you turn? Look for our friend Jack - he'll show you a handsome time.

Ducking through a non-descript doorway and weaving below ground you'll eventually enter into Handsome Jack's - a subterranean drinking den complete with hidden nooks, one-way mirrored glass and low-lighting fit for the smokiest of delta blues or the stickiest of slow-sippin' bourbons. It's a place where rogues, rascals, rebels and rapscallions come for unconventionally crafted cocktails, attentive table service and an old-time bohemian experience that feels centuries apart from the identikit commotion unfolding at street level. This, Wriggler, is much more like it.

Offering mixology sessions and boasting a fine menu of short "Pick Me Ups", long "Nice n' Easy Does It" drinks or punchier creations (knowingly given the moniker "Dirty Pretty Things"), Handsome Jacks doesn't take itself too seriously (an exception to the rule around here). Obey the tongue-in-cheek house rules ("swat flies and rescue spiders" or "never swipe left on instinct alone") and the only thing you'll have to focus on here is having fun and knocking back great cocktails.


Czech Yourself, Old Timer - Handsome Jack's Posh Bevvies taste as unique as their funky names suggest
Try your hand as a mixologist and immerse yourself in a master class
For a different experience, look left at the bottom of the stairs, spot the secluded area behind the one-way glass and make a beeline for the micro-bar in the corner